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STILL stuck on this Hamatora reader insert. @_@
Akashi X Reader X Midorima(slight)
Final pairing: Akashi X Reader

Part II

The next few days you were at school, you hated it. Why couldn't it be the weekend already? You and Midorima haven't spoken at all and your friends knew that something was wrong. They assumed you had a fight, but something was different between the two of you.

Momoi had finally asked if everything was all right and you told her that you and Midorima were no longer a couple. It was going to be awkward for all of you since you had mutual friends, but you weren't going to stop talking to them for that reason. Besides, if this last year at Teiko was going to be miserable, at least next year you could start a new.

Time was passing by so slow and you wish you could skip to next month. You knew by then you'd feel a little better. You decided to have lunch at the school's courtyard instead of the usual place at the roof. Well, you didn't eat lunch since you weren't hungry, but you wanted to be alone for a little while.

You situated yourself in a less populated area, claiming an empty bench and table. You rest your head on your arms, sighing loudly as your thoughts of your breakup resurfaced. Every time you were alone, you couldn't help but replay that scene. As much as you despised it, you also didn't feel like mingling in a large crowd.

Your friends are what you might need the most right now, but he was around when you wanted to be with them. You weren't ready to see him for a long period of time yet.


Midorima had the same mentality as you. He just showed his emotions less. He also didn't feel like hanging around the others much and avoided your gaze every time he saw you. He was still confused about your separation and couldn't understand why. He thought that what he was doing for you was enough, but only now he was realizing that you deserved much more.

You needed someone who appreciated you more and didn't take you for granted. He thought you didn't mind his attitude towards your affections since you did a great job at covering your true feelings. Or perhaps he was that oblivious? You two have been dating for two years, shouldn't he know everything about you? Why hadn't he detected your hurt feelings in the beginning?

Because the amount of effort he put wasn't enough. There were hints that he was only realizing now when he was with you. That sadness in your eyes and that small, forced smile every time he rejected you when you practically gave your heart to him. But he wasn't able to let go of his stupid pride and even up to now, he couldn't be the first one to admit he was wrong.


"I'm surprised you don't want to eat with us." You lifted your head as soon as a deep voice reverberates in your ears.

"N-no, it's not that. Of course I love eating with you guys, it's just today, I wanted some time to think."

"I understand. I won't force you to have lunch with us. I'm here to simply make sure you're all right."

"Thanks, Akashi-kun. I'm fine, I think?"

"You sound uncertain." Akashi sits beside you and you shrug one shoulder. He could see from your eyes that your feelings were begging to be heard and he waited for you until you felt comfortable enough to vent to him again. Akashi heard from Momoi about you being single and he figured that's what contributed to your unpleasant mood.

"I was wrong about everything." Your voice shakes as you continue. "Shin-kun doesn't love me the way I love him. I thought that we'd get over this problem, but when I looked into his eyes, I knew...I knew he wasn't going to feel the same. I can't really blame him, but it still sucks. I know we're still young, immature, and inexperienced, but I don't know why he has to feel embarrassed when it comes to me."

You sniffled softly, cheeks reddened slightly as you constantly blinked to hold the tears from seeping, but they still managed to slip from your lids. "Exactly like you said, our relationship failed. I feel so stupid for not considering what you said. I thought you'd be wrong and I didn't want to listen. But you were right, Akashi-kun. You were right the whole time."

Akashi frowned when you finally looked at him with your feelings flowing from your __(e/c) eyes. You smiled sadly at the red headed captain, wiping your tears quickly with your sleeve. The warning bell signaled the end of lunch and you grabbed your bag, being the first to return to the building.

At that moment, for a quick second, he regret being right and wished it had gone the opposite way. Although still beautiful, that was one of the faces he hated to see you wear. But it had to be done. You had to go through this in order to achieve something better. He knew you would because he was going to show you a much better future.


You had gone to the nurse after lunch, your physical and mental state not at its best. Your symptoms consisted of nausea and headache, which the nurse recommended a few minutes of rest before returning to class. When asked again how you felt, there were no signs of improvement. Concerned with you contracting something, she sent you home. You were dropped off by ___(friend or relative) before they returned to work. You had the house to yourself until next week and were going to take advantage of the quietness.

You had taken a shower and changed into more comfortable clothes before attempting to eat. You barely ate lunch and your stomach was demanding for food. You tried to eat your leftover lunch, but you ended up taking a trip to the bathroom. It was annoying trying to figure out what your stomach wanted. Every time you ate, it would reject the meal a few moments later.

You went to nap on the couch, knowing that rest is what you needed the most. But your headache continued to distract your sleep. When you closed your eyes, it felt like the room was spinning or swaying, which increased your nauseousness. So you kept your eyes opened, trying to focus on one thing in front of you.

For the next couple of hours you have been suffering with your pain. You refused to take medication, but at this point, you couldn't handle it. You first needed to alleviate your headache, which was causing your nausea. You went to one of the kitchen cabinets where the basic medications were and picked up a familiar white bottle.

Before you sat down, the doorbell summoned you to the door. Different faces flashed in your mind as you wondered who your visitor was. Before you answered, the thought of a green haired boy passed your mind, making your heart jump anxiously. You threw that idea away, reminding yourself that Midorima wouldn't be taking care of you anymore.

"Eh? Akashi-kun?" Instead you found a red headed male standing at your doorstep.

"Sorry to disturb you, but everyone was concerned when they heard you left early so they sent me to check up on you. And the teachers also gave me your homework to pass to you."

"Great, because homework is what I really need right now." You sighed loudly before allowing him inside. "So, when you say everyone was worried..." You were curious as to who that included.

"Yes, Shintaro was also worried. He didn't say anything, but I can tell from his facial expressions." He knew what you were trying to ask.

"I...sorry. Asking the personal questions again. I shouldn't be bothered by it, right?" You both settled yourselves on the couch.

"It's only natural for you to be curious."

"Oh, what would you like to drink?" you asked, standing up to walk to the fridge, but a sharp throb in your temples made you return to your seat.

"What's wrong?" Akashi frowns at your pain.

"I have a headache and it's making me feel terrible. It's from all the stress I've been feeling and also lack of sleep. Ughh, I feel so stupid for being like this. I really shouldn't let it get to me. I've been doing too much thinking and I'm paying for not getting enough sleep for the past few nights, too."

"You're right. You shouldn't let it get to you." He stands up in your place and makes something for the both of you.

"Wait, don't you have practice?"

"There wasn't any."


He returns to his spot with two cups of hot tea, handing one carefully to you. You blew lightly on the surface to decrease its temperature before taking a sip. You placed it on the table when you felt another pulsation against your skull. Akashi sees you wince as you place a few fingers against the side of your head.

"Let me try." He makes you face him as he replaces your fingers with his. You feel him apply slight pressure to your temples, slowly and carefully rubbing them. His digits don't stay on one spot, moving throughout your scalp and neck before returning to their original places. You could feel the discomfort gradually dissolving and your body was now surrendering to sleep. You accidentally became too comfortable and your body leaned forward.

You felt the change in position, catching yourself before you fell anymore forward. Akashi had also caught you by your shoulders, not wanting you to crash your head against his. You found your faces not too far apart and his breath tickled your lips. Any closer and your lips would have met instead of your skulls. You drown in those red and gold pools, your heart pumping rapidly at the lack of distance.

Akashi would have taken the chance to touch your lips, but it was clearly inappropriate at this time. You were still thinking about Midorima and your health was slightly compromised.

"S-s-sorry! It was super relaxing and I kinda forgot where I was for a moment." You let out a sheepish laugh.

"It's fine. Did it help?"

"Yes! A lot. It's not as bad as before."

"But you still feel it?"

"Only a little." He resumes his massage, feeling that his goal wasn't accomplished yet. He wanted you to be pain free.

"You can sleep if you'd like."

"I'll fall right on top of you again."

"Then I'll catch you."

"I don't want to headbutt you." You laughed slightly, but you were too relaxed to make him stop. Within seconds, your head was dropping slightly and your body swaying to the side. He carefully maneuvered your entire self to the couch, quite surprised at how quickly you fell asleep.


When you woke up, you found most of your surroundings dark, except for the dim light facing you. The source was from your lamp and you blinked away the rest of your sleepiness. You remembered the room being illuminated by the sun and wondered how long it has been since your nap.

You jumped slightly when you completely sat up and found Akashi, sitting on the floor and writing on his notebook. Other than his presence scaring you, you were surprised to find him still in your house.


"How was your nap?" He closes his notebook, pushing it aside with a small pile of books on your table.

"Good. Ummm, you didn't go home?"

"I couldn't leave you in the state you were in." Akashi stands up to turn on the ceiling lights.

"I'm not that helpless, but thanks." You smiled slightly. "Since you're here, want to stay for dinner?"

You received a nod as your answer and you grabbed your cell phone from the table to order delivery from a nearby restaurant. You had planned to spend the rest of the afternoon alone, but you were glad to have a visitor that day. Food, rest, and friends were definitely the best remedy for a heartache.


Your final year in Teiko is limited to only a few months. You haven't spoken formally to Midorima since your breakup, saying only short hellos, good-byes, and how are you doing's. He only spoke to you when it was necessary and relevant. You two kept it civil, but it wouldn't be the same as before.

It was going to take a long time before you both could speak normally again. As Midorima grew more distant with you, you were becoming closer to the ruby Emperor. You were surprised by the advancement, but you were too comfortable with him to make any changes. Besides, it's not like you disliked it.

You were over what happened with you and Midorima, but there were times when you did think about it and wondered if you two could revert to being friends. It was like you were merely acquaintances, but you wouldn't push anything. Two years of dating, it was going to be hard to smile and laugh so easily.

"I'm so glad we have a long weekend!" you exclaimed as you walk with Akashi to the ice cream parlor. You invited the rest of the gang, but they had their own plans for the afternoon.

"I agree." There was a teachers' conference being held at Teiko on Friday and Monday, giving the students two days off. Although there was homework given, you had enough time to finish it before Tuesday morning. You walked to the closest ice cream shop, mentally preparing your order.

The two of you stand in line for a few minutes before requesting your flavors. Intending to pay for you and Akashi, the basketball captain predicted you would cover the both of you and made certain it wouldn't happen.

"Eh?" As soon as you took out your wallet, Akashi also had his available.

"No, wait, let me." You interjected, placing a hand over his.

"Don't worry. I got it."

"I was the one who suggested to come here, I got this." You continued to insist.

"Mine is already out." He swiftly took the yen from his wallet and presented it to the cashier, using his free hand to hold yours back.

"Aw, honey, just let him pay. It looks like he really wants to." The cashier said as she picks Akashi's money over yours. "You have such a sweet boyfriend! You two are so adorable."

She giggles while giving Akashi his change and printed out his receipt.

"H-huh? Oh, wait, but we-" Your cheeks flooded with red, but Akashi didn't seem affected by her words.

"Your orders will be out soon. Pick any table you like and someone will bring it over, okay?" She smiles at you and Akashi before taking the next customer.

"Come on." says Akashi while he finds a table suitable for two.

"I'm sorry. Was I giving off the impression that I'm your girlfriend? I don't want you to be troubled by any misunde-"

"It's fine. I don't mind."

"You don't mind that some people might see us as a couple?"

"Does it bother you?"

"Not really, I just don't want you to feel all weird and stuff." Before Akashi could reassure you, another voice cuts him off.

"Here's your ice cream! Please don't hesitate to ask us if you need anything else. Enjoy!" One of the workers placed your desserts on the table and you were surprised by the quick service. You didn't complain as you start to consume your ice cream, losing your previous train of thought.

"Oh, can I try some of yours?" you asked, wanting a small taste of Akashi's flavor.

"Go ahead." He pushes his treat closer to you and you take a small sample. A pleased hum vibrates in your throat, indicating your satisfaction.

"So, what are your plans for the weekend?"

"Nothing special. I'll probably be lazy and stay at home." You laughed sheepishly.

"Then how about spending the weekend with me?"


"Spend the weekend with me. There won't be practice at school because of the teachers' conference, so I'll be going horse riding for a couple of days."

"You sure it's okay for me to go with you?" You would love to go with Akashi instead of doing nothing productive at home. "I'm not imposing or anything?"

"If that were the case, why would I invite you in the first place?"

"True...but, are you really sure?"

"Yes, I am. Why are you so shocked?"

"I guess because it's the first time we'll be hanging out for a few days straight. Like just the two of us."

"You should get used to it." He seemed to be hinting something, but you don't notice his implication.

"When do we leave? Should I meet you somewhere? And what time are we going?"

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at your house at 9am."

"Sounds good. Oh, but I have no skills in horse riding so no making fun, okay?"

"I'll teach you. There are other activities around the area as well if you prefer something else."

"Okay, but I'm sure I'll be fine with whatever we end up doing." You smiled, finishing the rest of your ice cream before Akashi dropped you home. You immediately prepare for tomorrow's mini trip, excited to explore a new environment.


"Oh wow. That's your house?" After a couple of hours of driving, the vehicle stopped in front of a traditional Japanese home.

"It's just one of our vacation houses." Akashi replies as if owning more than one residence was nothing special. You exit from the car, walking to the trunk to retrieve your bag.

"The workers will put our bags in our rooms. Come, let's go to the ranch."

"Umm, okay." You were uncertain about leaving your bags for others to take, but you figured you'll help them next time. You followed Akashi down a long path, admiring nature's beauty and its peaceful aura. A horse's neigh directs your attention ahead, a large fenced area just a few feet away. Akashi speaks with a person working on the ranch and you see him pull two horses.

"Let's go over there." He nods to a more secluded area.

"The most important thing is your posture." He begins the basic instructions of horse riding. "Correct positioning ensures that you and your horse will be in balance."

After his verbal demonstration, he leads you to your partner for the day. He introduces your horse as Shindou and you greet the animal with a gentle stroke on his head. The saddle was already prepared on his back and Akashi guides you on how to mount on top. You hook one foot through the stirrup, attempting to push yourself up and over Shindou. You didn't put enough force, causing you to fall back.

"Ep!" Akashi prepared himself to stand beside you in case you stumbled. Your heart raced at not only that his arms were around you, but the fact of almost meeting with the ground.

"Thanks." You try again to sit on top of the horse. Four times you failed and you couldn't understand why.

"You're not pushing hard enough and your foot isn't all the way in the stirrup." Advised Akashi after watching you fall numerous times.

"Hmmm, all right. I see." You nod once and you become more mindful of where your foot is. You were successful after Akashi pointed out what you were doing wrong and you let out a happy grin. Suddenly the horse stood on his back legs slightly, causing you to slip backwards.

"Whoop!" You hit the ground, Akashi not expecting Shindou to react like that. Before he could aid you up, you stood by yourself, taking off your light jacket and handing it to the basketball player.

"All right, buddy, let's try it again." You were determined to sit on top of the horse even after he has thrown you off several times. You refused Akashi's help and didn't want him to catch you, not wanting to burden him with your mistakes.

When you placed yourself on the saddle, you quickly hugged the stallion around his neck for security. Ha! He can't throw you off if you're holding on to his body. You stayed still for a moment and when you didn't feel him hesitate, you straightened your back.

"I think he's starting to trust me." you say. "Woohoo!"

Your foot accidentally taps the side of Shindou's stomach during your cheer and he mistakes it as a signal to go. He runs quickly in a straight direction and your arms encircle around his nape again.

"W-w-wait! Slow down!"

The tighter you held him, the more Shindou's speed increased and any effort to try and soothe the horse was ineffective. Akashi frowns at Shindou's behavior and immediately chases after you with his steed. He controls his partner to run past Shindou and block his trail. They stopped a few feet before Shindou, Akashi giving your horse a hard look.

"Shindou, stop!"

Your stallion halts as soon as he sees Akashi, the sudden change in movement making you slip off his back. You let out a groan at the painful landing, but you were grateful you weren't riding him so dangerously anymore.

"Ugh, guess who's not going to be able to ride a horse today."

"Yes you will." Akashi returns to his feet, walking towards Shindou with a callous gaze. "Shindou, your behavior is unacceptable. If you don't learn to act properly, there will be punishment."

The horse seemed to understand Akashi's words, a short whine escaping his lips.

"I apologize. Shindou is one of the more difficult horses to earn their trust."

"So why did you give him to me!?"

"Because I know you can handle him."

"Yeah right, I think you just like watching me fall."  You playfully pouted.

"Of course I don't." He walks to where you stood. You were dusting away dirt from your clothes, grateful that you picked an outfit that you didn't mind getting stained. "Anyway, let's keep going. There's a nice place that I think you'll like."

"Ahaha, maybe I'll just walk beside you or something. I doubt Shindou wants to take me anywhere."

"Don't worry, you'll get a break from Shindou today. You'll ride with me."


"I'll show you in a second. Let's return Shindou to the stables." Once Shindou was back with one of the trainers, Akashi turns and presents his hand to you.

"We'll ride my horse together."

Akashi helps bring you on his partner and then situating himself behind you.

"Your back should be straight, but don't be too stiff." You feel his hand pat the middle of your spine. "Your weight should also be equal otherwise, you'll tip over."  

Your heart speeds up when two palms are placed lightly over your hips. He moves a bit closer to you in order to grab the reins and a light pink dusts over your cheeks. Akashi puts the straps in your control, teaching you how to command a horse correctly. With the close contact between you two, you knew you weren't going to be able to memorize today's lesson.

"Keep a straight line from your elbow all the way to the reins. Don't hold onto it too tight or too loose." Akashi observes your grip on the reins and his fingers move your hands to a more appropriate grasp.

"This will be easier on you if you do it like this." The basketball player has his hands over yours, slipping the strap in your palms and encasing your digits with his. You felt your temperature rise a few degrees at his hands folding over yours.

"If you have the straps wrapped around you, it'll be harder if you need to let go or to control the horse. You have more freedom this way."


A few moments later and you're finally relaxing under his touch. Having never been to this area of Japan, you felt as if you were in another country. You were used to the tall buildings, busy streets, and crowds, you almost forgot what it was like to be in a tranquil setting.

"I think you've got it now, so I'll leave the rest to you." You feel his hands glide off yours and you responded immediately.

"W-wait!" Automatically, you seize his hands before they have gone too far. "I-I-I don't think I'm ready to hold onto the reins by myself. I mean, what if the horse freaks out a-and I make a mistake? I'm not gonna know what to do."

"It's all right. I trust you."

"I don't trust myself...well, not yet! I'm still inexperienced and I would feel a lot better if you didn't let go. I think it's safer that way, you know?"

'I totally sound like an idiot! What the hell am I doing!?' You reprimanded yourself, regretting everything you said and did.

"Well, I wouldn't want you to feel unsafe. I still trust you, but if you need my help, then I won't deny you." He smiles slightly, returning to his previous position.

"T-thanks. Anyway, how much longer till we reach the place?"

"Just a few more minutes."

You nodded in response, going back to viewing a variety of plant life as well as a few, small creatures that didn't appear much in the city area. A placid sensation flows through you and your upper body unconsciously leans back. When a firm surface touches your spine, you immediately straighten, remembering that Akashi was still behind you.

"S-s-sorry! I forgot you were behind me."

"It's all right. You can lean on me if you want. I'll be your support."

"I don't want the horse to feel off balance, so I'll just hold out until we reach the place. We're close anyway, ne?"

"Yes." A few moments pass by and Akashi pulls on the horse's straps lightly. The animal stops and Akashi lets himself off before turning to you. You see him holding out his arms and you infer that he wanted to help you.

You swing one leg over and adjust yourself so that you were aligned with him. He grabs you carefully by your waist and you rest your palms on his shoulders for stability. You give him a grateful smile when your feet descend upon the Earth's surface.

"Here it is." Akashi gently pulls you forward and your eyes widen slightly at the gorgeous and untouched land before you. Bold colors of green and brown cover the entire vicinity, but dots of pink, yellow, and lavender attract your eyes, making you move towards the growing flowers.

Akashi follows you to the richly hued blanket, watching you pick two from the ground and admiring its soft texture. You both sit on the ground for a few minutes of rest, Akashi wanting you to enjoy the view a little while longer.

"When did you learn how to ride a horse?"

"When I was younger. I would come here with my father on his days off."

"That's nice. Have the others come here with you before?"

"No. You're the first."

"Eh? Really? Wow, I feel so special." You smile, bringing your legs to your chest.

"That's because you are."

"You're so nice." Akashi hears a soft giggle from you and judging by your tone of voice, you believed he was only jesting. As you continued onto a different topic, he didn't bother to convince you that he meant what he said. He would have to show you later on. Your conversation bounced from various subjects, but you learned just a little bit more about one another.

When it was time to return to the stables, you let Akashi control the reins. Instead of holding the straps, you kept a light clutch on his waist, having switched positions. Thinking about all the one to one moments you've spent with him over the past years you've known him made you gain a billow of courage and endearment. You embraced him tightly, resting your cheek against his shoulder. You felt refreshed and relaxed, leaving behind your personal problems. You'd worry about those later. Right now, it felt like everything was being taken care of.

"What are we going to do when we get back?" you asked softly.

"We'll have lunch at the house then go into town."


As scheduled, Akashi's helpers prepared a meal while the two of you changed since your clothes were dirty from falling off Shindou multiple times. You left when you finished, walking to town since its distance wasn't far. Besides, it gave you the opportunity see the entire area. You requested to go to a few shops, intending to buy a few gifts for your friends and family if there were anything interesting.

You entered the first store you passed, looking through their racks of clothes. Akashi was a couple feet away from you, also glancing at the dress shirts. You stared at him momentarily, studying every feature from the top to bottom, but mainly focused on his face. Akashi was very handsome, but what made him more attractive was his attitude towards you. There were times when he was blunt, but sometimes the truth was hard to accept. At least he didn't have a problem opening up to you.

As if sensing your gaze, Akashi looks to your direction and your eyes shift quickly when you're caught. You knew that he knew you were staring so you gave him an embarrassed smile. Akashi responds with a small curve of his lips and your cheeks immediately fill with a red hue. The happy emotions bursting inside of you caused your heart to pound harder and you forced yourself to look away.

Your eyes betray your command and don't concentrate on another object for long. Your __(e/c) orbs peek back up and your eyes meet again. You were mentally screaming on the inside as you were restraining your smile. Your cheeks were starting to hurt from trying to submit the muscles into relaxation. You didn't want Akashi to witness your goofy reaction, so walked to another bracket, away from his sight.

A chuckle erupts from the captain's throat as he sees you still holding back your happiness. He was certain it was because you were feeling much more relaxed and maybe it was something he did. He didn't know exactly what, but he found your behavior quite...cute.

The rest of the stores didn't have anything that would be worth bringing back to your loved ones. You figured on your next trip, you'll get them something. You had dinner at a restaurant and returned home once almost all the shops closed.

A warm and soft texture intertwines itself with your fingers and you look down to discover that Akashi's hand made its way to yours. Akashi is continuing walking and staring at the path before him as if holding your hand was natural to him.

You weren't particularly uncomfortable, but you have never held hands with him before. The feeling was still new and the butterflies were fluttering around frantically. You managed to keep calm and didn't think too much on the gesture. You were actually happy he made a move. You pouted slightly when you saw his house, it meant that he would let go since he probably didn't want his helpers to misunderstand.

You were surprised that he didn't, even when the two of you strolled inside and the housekeepers greeted you both. No one made a comment and it relieved you of your nervousness. You were afraid they would say something and cause an awkward air to rise. When you arrived to your room, that was when you had to separate so that you could change into your night clothes.

"Kuso!" you whispered to yourself as you searched through your bag for your phone charger. Your battery was dying and you wanted to plug it into the wall before you retired. It has only been a few minutes since Akashi left you to your room and you were sure he wasn't asleep yet. Luckily, you both had the same phone model so that meant your chargers were similar.

You knocked on his door twice then entered when you heard his voice.

"Hey, can I borrow your charger? Sorry, I forgot mine at home."

"Sure. It's right on the nightstand."

"Thanks!" You found the object on the table, connecting the ports together then inserting the prongs into the outlet. You sat on the edge of his bed, checking your text inbox. You felt the mattress rise slightly and you turn to see Akashi sitting beside you.

"Did you enjoy today?"

"Mhm! And you?"

"Yes, I did. More than usual."

"That's good."

"You can sit more on the bed, you know. You don't have to sit so far on the edge." He notices how much space you were using.

"Oh, okay. Thanks" You didn't want to impose by sitting on his bed as if it were yours, but since he gave you permission, you sat a bit closer to the red head. You crossed your legs and stretched your arms as you leaned against the headboard.

"Ne, can I see your hand?" You were reminded of something Aomine had said when you saw a basketball lying on the floor. He presents his palm to you and you raised his arm slightly. You observed his hand briefly before lifting your own, comparing the sizes when you pressed them against one another.

"Aomine-kun said that a basketball player's hand is a lot bigger than an average guy's. I was curious if it were true or not."

"You're not an average guy so I don't think it would apply to you. Women's hands tend to be smaller than the men's so there will be a significant size difference anyway." [2]

"Yeah, that's true. I also wanted to see how small my hand would be compared to yours." You laughed slightly, but deep down, you questioned if that were your real intention. Were you truly curious about the size difference or were you yearning for his touch so badly that you would use any excuse to feel him? Lost in your thoughts, you almost fail to realize the slight squeeze on your hand. Akashi had laced your fingers together again, lowering them and pulling you closer to him.

"___(y/n)." He says your name, capturing your attention. Unable to produce any noise from your throat, you watch Akashi's face lean forward, lips slightly open to imprison yours. Your nerves were on fire at what you were expecting, incapable of making a move. Pulling away wasn't something you wanted, but you couldn't push towards him either. Shock had paralyzed you!

"Seijuro-sama?" A knock and the squeak of the door was heard and your heads both turn to the visitor.

"A-ah, I apologize!" The house keeper's face glowed a bright red at the situation before him. "I-I didn't mean to interrupt but your father is on the phone. H-he's been trying to call your cell phone, but there wasn't an answer."

"I-it's okay! Y-you didn't interrupt anything! Ahaha...we were just talking!" You were so embarrassed! You had left the door slightly opened so the worker had mistaken it as a signal that Akashi wasn't busy and he was alone. You could see the small glare Akashi was giving him and you gently squeezed his hand.

"Be nice, okay? He didn't mean it." You knew how Akashi was when another individual upsets him. "I'm not mad and neither should you."

"I'll be back." He lets out a sigh and walks out of the room to where the landline was to speak with his dad. You fully laid on his bed, covering your face with your hands.


Was he really trying to kiss you!? Why?! Did he like you or something? Or were you imagining things? No, there was no way that was all in your head. You wondered what would have happened had the attendant not entered and what it would feel like if your lips touched.

You screamed in your head again as you laid back down on the bed. You placed an arm over your eyes, inhaling and exhaling loudly twice. When you stopped overreacting, you began to feel tired and your body relaxes against the inviting mattress.


When you had moved, your arm feels something soft and solid. A cloth-like texture makes you think of a pillow, but the object felt too hard and firm. You think back on what happened before and your eyes widen when you realize you're still in Akashi's bed.

You sat up quickly, looking around to make certain of your surroundings. A light weight falls from your torso to your lap and you looked down to discover an arm. The arm was linked to a person, who you identified as Akashi. You blushed deeply at your position then felt him move.

"What's wrong?" He asks when he realizes you were awake in the middle of the night.

"I...where...what-why am I still in your room? How did I end up here?"

"You fell asleep when I came back." He sits up, his tired eyes blinking a few times.

"Why didn't you wake me? I didn't even know I fell asleep."

"You looked peaceful and cute."

"Eh? Cute? Me?"

"Yes, I said you looked cute. Now let's go back to sleep."

"Right. I'll just-" You were about to leave the bed, but his arm secures you in your spot.

"Where are you going?"

"Back to my room?" You wondered why he stopped you.

"Why? You're already here."

"But this is your room."

"So? I want you to stay here with me. What's the problem?"

"T-there's no's just...well, you know, it's-"

"You will lose your sleep if you continue to stay up." The red head gently pulls you down, his arm hugging your waist.

"But is this really okay? I mean, I feel like I'm imposing and-"



His arm moves up your body and his hand carefully pushes your head towards his. He lightly pecks your lips, chuckling at your flustered and shocked expression.

"Relax, __(y/n). I already told you. I want you to be here with me." He returns to his laying position, his arm still over your waist. The shock had temporarily whirled away your sleep. Before Akashi would question why you were still awake, you joined him on the mattress, your heart jumping in various directions. Eventually, your nervousness is replaced with exhaustion, your mind and body surrendering to sleep.


When the weekend had passed, you weren't mentally prepared to return to school. You enjoyed the mini break with Akashi and you felt refreshed when you came home. The thought of schoolwork irritated you, but a certain red head lifted the ill feelings. You remembered how much you spent with Akashi and how much closer the two of you got. It was an unexpected, but fun weekend.

"__(y/n)-chan!" You hear Momoi call to you, picking you up from your house on the way to Teiko.

"How was your break?"

"It was good! How about you? Did you do anything?" You let the pink haired girl narrate first, finding that she mostly hung out with her childhood friend, Aomine.

"What about you? Anything exciting?" Momoi's short story had ended, the girl looking at you patiently as she playfully linked an arm with yours.

"Well, I was with Akashi-kun the whole time."


"Y-yeah, he invited me to one of his vacation houses. We did some horseback riding, he showed me around town, ate at new restaurants, and you know, just relaxing stuff like that."

"Sounds romantic!"

"Yeah, it was...well, kinda, I guess? I mean, we were just hanging out, you know?" You fidgeted slightly, your bubbly friend raising a brow at your behavior. Your first kiss with Akashi flashed in your mind, causing red to spread throughout your cheeks.

"Something happened, didn't it?"

"How did you know?!" You jumped slightly at her assumption.

"I was only guessing! Besides, you're being all cute and embarrassed. That's how I could kinda tell."

"Nothing major happened....just slept together and he kissed me...a couple of times and held hands." Your heart thumped rapidly at each intimate memory with the basketball captain.

"Y-y-you slept together?! That was fast!"

"N-n-not like that! Slept together as in we shared the same bed."

"Oh, right. Eheh...Wait, so how did all of this happen?"

"It started after we went horse riding." You began from where you noticed a change in Akashi's attitude towards you. When you didn't show signs of rejection or discomfort, Akashi continued with his affectionate gestures, but made sure to not overwhelm you. The red head was trying to court you properly.

"Oh my gosh! This is so exciting! So are you two a couple now?"

"A-ah, no, he hasn't asked me anything yet, so I'm not going to assume we're in a relationship."

"But how do you feel about him?"

"__(y/n)-cchi! Momoi-cchi!" Your response was discontinued by a happy male voice, the both of you lifting your heads to see the blonde model waving an arm. You both wave back, watching him run to you and Momoi.

"Please don't say anything yet! I'd rather keep this between you and I." you whispered to her.

"No problem! We can talk later."

You felt arms embrace you suddenly, knowing it was the tall Copy Cat. The three of you walk together to school, meeting a few others on the way.


You were able to continue your conversation when school ended while you helped Momoi with her manager duties. You were in the club room, assisting her in folding the basketball team's towels.

"Okay, so, back to our convo before, how do you feel about Akashi-kun?"

"W-well, I-I do like him...I guess?"

"You guess?"

"I thought about how I feel about him and I don't know. I mean, I do know that I like him, but do I really deserve it? Wouldn't this be a little unfair? Akashi-kun is Shin-kun's friend and I really don't want him to think I'm just bouncing around from one relationship to another. I truly like Akashi-kun. He's polite, respectful, smart, handsome, and sweet. He just makes me feel so...happy. I haven't felt like this in a long time and I don't want this feeling to go away. I allowed to move on?"

"__(y/n)-chan, of course you are and I am 100% sure that Akashi-kun would never think of you that way. If he knew you were that type of woman, he would never make an attempt to pursue you. But, are you still holding yourself back because of what happened to you and Midorin?"



"I don't want to ruin anything between us. Look at what I did with me and Shin-kun."

"That wasn't your fault. You can't stay in a relationship if you're not happy. Sometimes you have to be selfish, too." She gives both your hands an encouraging squeeze. "You deserve to be happy, __(y/n)-chan. Don't ever feel guilty for wanting something for yourself."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

"So, what would you say if he asked you out right now?"

"I-I-I'd definitely say yes, b-b-but, don't you think it's bad timing? I mean, we're going to graduate in a couple of months and we're all going to different schools. You'll be going to Touou with Aomine-kun and I'll be going to Rakuzan. Akashi-kun hasn't said anything about where he's going, but everyone's going their separate ways. Ugh, this really sucks. Right when I find a person that I really like, it had to be when graduation is close by."

You noticed Momoi's lack of response and looked at her, tilting your head as you see her eyes wide and staring behind you.

"What's wro-"

"Graduation won't stop me from asking you to be mine."

"A-a-akashi-kun!" You jumped from your spot at his unexpected voice.

"Akashi-kun! Hello! How are you?" Momoi laughs nervously.

"I'm fine, and yourself?"

"I'm great! Actually, I have to go to the computer room to print some stuff out! I'll see you guys later?" She dashes out of the awkward situation to allow privacy for the future couple.

"How long were you there for?"

"I've heard the entire thing if that's what you're concerned about."

You couldn't help but look away and hide your reddened face in one of the clean towels. You felt so embarrassed! You hoped that he didn't find you weird or too much!

"I, too, find you strong, beautiful, intelligent, and considerate; so there is no need for you to cover your face."

"I just didn't want to freak you out."

"I'm not, though it seems like you are." He chuckles, placing his hands on your shoulders. "Relax. I also have feelings for you, so no need to be tense."


"So, how about it? Would you like to go on a date with me tonight?"

"Y-yes! I'd love to."

"I'll pick you up at 8 at your house then." He leans down to plant a kiss on the corner of your lips. "Oh and as for where I'll be going next year, I look forward to seeing you at Rakuzan."

"Okay!" You nodded once before you blinked in confusion. "Eh? EH?!"

You and Akashi were going to Rakuzan together!?

Before you could clarify, two of your teammates found your location, dragging you to the upcoming practice. As much as you wanted Akashi to confirm his transfer, you didn't want to face your captain's wrath. Besides, you had later to talk and spend time with the ruby head.


Akashi had taken you out on many dates before asking you to be his girlfriend. He didn't want you to feel pressured, especially with the school year coming to an end. He had convinced you to throw away your guilty feelings over what happened with you and Midorima. He assured you that his and Midorima's friendship would not change after he claimed you as his. He knew you would feel guilty if there was.

Number 4 persuaded you to put yourself first and allow yourself to be happy, to let him make you happy. You found him right and you were glad you took his advice. Though you have only been going out for a short period, you loved the way he made you feel.

Graduation brought out painful and pleasant awareness. It hurt knowing that you wouldn't be seeing your usual group of friends and starting over was difficult for you to process. However, you were happy that you had Akashi with you. At least that's one person you knew.

Before meeting with the rest of your friends, you caught the gaze of a certain green haired shooting guard. You truly didn't want anymore bitterness between the two of you and to wish him luck, but it seemed as if talking to you wasn't what he wanted. He turned his back and walked from you, talking to two other individuals from one of his classes.

You remembered Akashi's and Momoi's words of encouragement to let go of unnecessary guilt and instead focus on things that made you smile. And that is exactly what you did. You ran towards Akashi, attacking him with a hug from behind and distracting him from his conversation with Kise and Kuroko.

You had a past with Midorima, but now your future is with Akashi.


Tobi tachi taku narutte?
Kataru rizumu oboeten darou

A song brings him back to the present, feeling the wooden vehicle stop momentarily. He sees Takao pull out his phone, glancing at the screen.

"Sorry! It's my mom."

Midorima doesn't focus on his friend's conversation instead he observes his surroundings. His stare suddenly becomes difficult to separate when a familiar couple passes by from the opposite side of the street. You were walking beside your boyfriend, giggling at what he said. As if sensing his presence, red and gold eyes quickly make contact with his green ones, Midorima letting out a small grunt from his throat. He sees you about to turn your head in his direction, but Akashi leads your attention to his lips.

You smile against the kiss, Akashi leaving you in a delightful daze. He laces his fingers with yours while your other arm holds onto his, bringing the two of you closer. As the Emperor presses a kiss on top of your head, Midorima wonders if this was all part of Akashi's plan or was it just his unlucky fate?



[3] Catal Rhythm by OLDCODEX
Akashi X Reader X Midorima(slight)
Final pairing: Akashi X Reader

Part I

The Shutoku basketball team were putting away their equipments, having ended practice early due to the girls' volleyball match. Their second gym was under renovations so all the indoor sport teams had to coordinate with one another with their schedules.

"Hey, I never watched our volleyball team play before. Want to stay for a few minutes before heading home?"

"Don't be stupid, Takao. I have-" Midorima's sentence was interrupted when their school's opponent enters the building. His eyes enlarged at the sight of a particular __(h/c) girl with an alluring, sweet smile and those __(e/c) orbs he always found difficult to tear away from.

"Hm?" Takao raises a brow at his Oha Asa obsessed friend. He finds the source of his distraction to be the group of non-Shutoku High female students. "Oh, see anyone you like?"

His question was ignored, Takao even more curious as to who seized his attention. Before he could receive an answer, their captain scolds them for not moving fast enough. They were expected to have finished cleaning before the other team arrived. Before the volleyball team sets up their net and begin their warmups, the two situate themselves in the stands. With Midorima still staring at one individual, Takao starts teasing him,

"Am I witnessing Shin-chan's love at first sight?"

"Hah? What kind of nonsense are you spouting out?" Midorima snaps his head to the Hawkeye owner.

"Well, you've been staring at the other team ever since they arrived so I thought you were developing a little crush on someone." He wiggles his brows.

"No, it's not that. I just know someone from that team."

"Seriously?! Since when do you socialize with girls?"

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" Midorima could feel a vein pulsating a few times at his comments.

"I'm just joking! You've been looking all serious and stuff since they got here. What kind of relationship do you have with that girl?"

"She's my ex."



Twenty minutes of warmups passed and the coach gathers your team to review today's play. You finished your little huddle session and waited for the referees' signal to start. You see the door open and your eyes light up at who you see. You quickly ran to the person, greeting him with a tight hug.

"You're here." You smiled.

"Of course. I did say I would." You hear your red headed boyfriend reply.

"Akashi, we're gonna go get some seats."

"Good luck in your game,__(y/n)-chan!"

You were grateful to the basketball players who went with Akashi to support your team. You thanked them before they left, looking back at Akashi.

"Thanks for coming." You gave his hand a gentle squeeze. He always tried to make it to your games if possible, but today was especially important because he was here. He expected the Number One Shooter to be present and he didn't want you to be here alone. He leaned down to kiss the side of your lips when he heard the buzzer, indicating that the game was about to begin. You reunited with your team on the court, bowing to the Shutoku group then walking to your positions. The home team was to start and you bent your knees in preparation of receiving the ball.


"Hold on, which one is your ex?"

"Number __(#)."

"Whoa! You dated her?" A whistle slips through his lips. "She's pretty hot. What happened?"

"It didn't work out. That's all." Midorima didn't feel like opening up to his team mate about this subject, especially when the breakup was somewhat recent. It was becoming more real that you weren't going to be involved in his life anymore after hearing and seeing that you were dating the bi-colored eye Emperor. Emotions swirled through him, his mind telling him to leave so he could focus on something else, but his heart wouldn't permit it.


There was a member change on the other team and your eyes wandered over the stands. Your eyes stop moving when they landed on a familiar green haired male and your body froze at his face. He was too far to tell if he was looking at you or not, but you swiftly averted your attention to your opponents.

'What the hell is he doing here!?' You brought up an internal conversation. 'Well, he does go here, but since when does he watch volleyball? Does he know anyone on the team? Is he seeing someone from the team?'

No! Why were you even thinking about that? Who cares about his private life? You went to Rakuzan and he went to Shutoku, so there was no reason to worry about his presence. This was his school, he was free to roam around the campus.

You weren't together anymore.

"___(y/n)!" You suddenly hear your friends shout and you see the ball flying to you. You reacted too slow and the ball bounced off your shoulder into the out zone. The ball was given back to Shutoku and you scolded yourself for not paying attention.


Akashi frowns slightly at your performance, seeing you make a number of mistakes. Your coach subbed you out before you could make more and he knew why you were so distracted.

You saw him.

He already found him within the crowd, but mentioned nothing to you. His being shouldn't matter to the two of you anymore. Akashi saw you leave the gym momentarily, following you after a few seconds.


You went to the bathroom to wash your face with cold water in hopes of calming yourself. You then stepped outside to breathe and refocus, folding your hands above your head. It has been a little less than a year since you last saw him so seeing him suddenly shook you. It shouldn't have, honestly since you were with Akashi, but it still felt fresh. You lost your feelings for him, but the breakup still partially affected you.

"Ughhh!" You groaned out of frustration, pushing away the bitter memories.

"Don't lose focus, __(y/n)."

"Akashi-kun!" You jumped at the sound of his voice. He brings you a cold water bottle which you gratefully opened and drank. "Yeah, I know. I'm trying. I just...lost my concentration for a bit."

"I know." He takes a step closer to his girlfriend. "You'll be fine. This game is yours."

Akashi gently pushes your forehead to his lips, giving you a small smile.

"I'm really glad you're here." You embraced him tightly, feeling your unhappy thoughts drift away. You didn't linger any longer, Akashi bringing you back inside. You went to your places, your coach seeing you with a more resolved look. You weren't going to let your personal life ruin the game for your friends.


"I definitely gotta come to volleyball games more often! That was intense!" Takao exclaims when the game is over. Shutoku High lost, but they were only beginning their season. Midorima is the first to leave the gym, Takao following the green beast.

Midorima left before the game ended, knowing that by the score and time, you would be victorious. Although Takao wanted to see it to the very end, he knew his friend didn't. He was actually surprised that he stayed through most of the game. Silence falls between them as Takao pulls the rickshaw with his bicycle, Midorima lost in his thoughts. He reviews the recent game you played against his school then drifting to the memories when he used to be yours.


"Shin-kun! I got your favorite." You presented a dark maroon colored can to him.

"Thank you." He says, placing it in his bag to save for later.

"Good morning, Akashi-kun, Kise-kun, Murasakibara-kun." You greeted the others who shared the same homeroom as you.

"Morning, __(y/n)-cchi!"

"Oh, maiubo! Thanks!" You swiftly stole one corn snack from Murasakibara's package, opening it and biting off a piece.

"Hey, wait~..." Although he tells you to wait, he doesn't make an effort to stop you. You were the only one he'd allow to steal his snacks since you usually would give him back later on.

"What's your lucky item for today?" You knew your boyfriend always brought an object recommended by Oha Asa.

"Halloween mask."

"Kyaahh!!!" you and Kise screamed loudly at the sight of a demonic face pulled out from Midorima's school bag.

"Out of all the masks, why that one!?" Kise ponders loudly.

"It was the cheapest one."

"I think I just had a mini heart attack." You refused to look at Midorima's lucky item, instead now facing Akashi.

"Take a few breaths and you'll be okay." Akashi glances up at you from his shogi game.

"Good morning."  

"Kuroko-kun! Morn-" You turn around to greet the blue haired boy, but you were met with the frightening mask again.

"Kyaa!" You jumped back and stumbled slightly, falling onto the lap of Teiko's basketball captain. Your lost balance sends you and Akashi to the floor along with his shogi board.

"__(y/n)!" Midorima stands when he sees gravity pull you.

"What's going on?"

"Ah, Tetsu-kun!"

The childhood duo arrive and Momoi recognizes the back of her favorite bluenette, running to tackle him with a hug. When Kuroko turns around to acknowledge the two, Momoi's complexion is drained of all their color and her body drops to the floor.

"Whoa! Testu, what the hell you wearing?" Aomine was startled by the creepy appearance.

"Midorima's lucky item. I wanted to try it on."

"Momoi-cchi! Hang in there!" Kise attempted to bring the pink haired girl back to her feet. "Aomine-cchi, help me over here!"

"No way, Satsuki's heavy!"

"What was that?!" His comment awakens the girl and he receives a punch to the back of his head.

"Ow, what the hell Satsuki!?"

"Are you okay?" Midorima runs to your side, carefully bringing you to a stand.

"Yeah, I am, thanks."

"Akashi, how about you?" You see the red head squatting and picking up his shogi pieces.

"I'm fine."

Midorima and you move to his level, mindful of your skirt as you help grab the fallen wood chips. "I am so sorry, Akashi-kun! Are you hurt?"

"I'm not, though you should be more careful."

"Yeah, I know. Sorry, I can get a bit clumsy." Your hand reached for one of the pieces, but something had placed itself over your knuckles. Another hand had the same intention as yours and you followed the arm all the way till you reached its owner. Gold, red, and __(e/c) clash together and your heart leaps against your ribcage. Your eyes question if he felt the same jolt and you think you might have acquired your answer through a gentle squeeze from his fingers.

"It's all right, I got the last one." You felt his hand maneuver underneath your digits where you were grasping the wooden piece. He carefully held onto the piece as well as the tips of your fingers, gracefully elevating you both to your feet. He slips his hand from under yours, taking back the shogi item and putting his board game away.

"S-sorry again." Why did you feel flustered at the moment?

"Like I said, just be more cautious. However, if you do trip again, I'll make sure to catch you properly next time." He smiles slightly as you both sat down. The small gesture Akashi shared with his girlfriend does not go unnoticed by the Number One Shooter and his face hardens when he thinks further into it.

'Was Akashi trying to do something?' Midorima was uncertain, attempting to read its meaning. He knew Akashi wasn't the type to interfere with other people's relationship, but when he aims for something, their captain never gives up and he always gets what he wants. Why couldn't Akashi let you give him the piece? Was the hand touching necessary? These thoughts were bothering him and he had to quickly will them away. He takes his seat behind you and the others do the same when the homeroom teacher enters.

You still question your heart's reaction when you looked at Akashi while picking up the shogi pieces. You've always looked at him and you never felt strange or different.

'Maybe because our hands awkwardly touched? I always get a funny feeling whenever that happens.'

True, you never had that type of close contact with Akashi so that was probably it. Your eyes gaze at the red head beside you, still thinking about how smoothly he took the shogi piece from you while helping you up. Akashi lifted his head up from his notebook and glance your way, making you blush when you realized he caught you staring. You gave him a small smile and he does the same, but you quickly distract yourself by opening your notepad. You didn't want him to misunderstand.


You went to the gym to meet with your boyfriend after your club activities ended. You didn't get to see his practices as often as you liked since it conflicted with your own club schedule, but you knew they worked hard from their match results. You sat in the bleachers, careful to not let your presence interrupt their focus. You quietly clapped or cheered when Midorima made a successful shot, happy that you were able to see at least a few minutes of them playing.

"Good work." you greeted your friends after their coach dismisses them.

"Ne, __(y/n)-chin, do you have any snacks~?"

"Murasakibara, stop pestering __(y/n) for food every time you see her."

"But she always has the best snacks."

"It's all right, Shin-kun. I usually like to steal his snacks, too." You reach into your bag and handed him a box of chocolate pocky.

"Thanks. You're the best~"

"I know." you said jokingly. A sequence of loud rings temporarily drowns your conversation with your friends and Midorima instantly silences his phone by answering the call. He moves away from the noisy crowd so he could hear his caller better. He returns to his friends a few minutes later, giving you a small frown.

"I'm sorry, __(y/n), but I can't walk you home today. My sister lost her wallet and I have to go pick her up." He lets out a loud sigh while pushing up his glasses. "Taku. How irresponsible of her." [1]

"Is she all right though? Is there anything I can do?"

"Yes, she's fine. I need to pick her up before her phone dies. She also forgot to charge her battery last night. She's so careless. And no, it's fine. You don't need to do anything."

"It must be one of those days. I'm sure it's not her fault. Now, go be the heroic, big brother and save her." You gently pat his shoulders, smiling up at him. "Be safe. Let me know when you get home."

"Same to you." He nods, hooking the strap of his bag on his shoulder.

"I love you." You smiled happily and he freezes at your verbal affection. Behind you, he could see Kise holding his torso in an effort to contain his laughs. Murasakibara eating and watching the two of you like it was a movie. Aomine with his suggestive smirks while Kuroko smiled encouragingly through his eyes. And Momoi, who had her hands clasped together as she smiled expectantly with her pink eyes shining brightly. The only one who acted appropriately was Akashi, paying no mind to the couple as he places his belongings in his bag.

"D-d-don't say such embarrassing things!" Midorima avoids your gaze, cheeks flaring at the thought of having to respond in front of an audience.

"Yeah, yeah." You laugh it off as you turn his body towards the door. "Tell your sister I said hi. Hurry before it gets dark!"

"Right. I'll see you later." He waves and you do the same, your smile fading as soon as his image disappears. You reflect on his unrequited affection, your heart sighing unhappily at another failed attempt to express his feelings for you.

"Let me walk you home." You jump slightly at a deep voice from behind. You turn to see Akashi, brushing off your frown before he questions your somber appearance.

"It's okay, you don't have to. I don't want to bother you or anything."

"I have to pass by your street to get to my house anyway. Besides, it wouldn't be wise to let you walk home alone."

"I mean...I guess if we're going the same way?"

"We'll be heading off first." Akashi says to the group.

"Bye, guys! See you later."


"You're quiet." Akashi points out after a block away from school.

"I am?"

"Yes, you haven't said anything ever since we left school. You're usually the one to hold a conversation, but I don't mind. It's just unusual for you." He knew that Midorima's lack of response was the reason for your silent behavior. At that moment, no even before it, Akashi knew what the outcome of yours and Midorima's relationship would be.

He could see you fidget as you walk, your fingers repeatedly tapping against one another. He initiated an opening for you to vent your feelings, wanting to hear your thoughts on the Number One Shooter. He wanted to see if his prediction was on the right path. No, he was confident with his declaration, but when it came to things like these, it was always unpredictable.

"I love you."

"Eh?" You were the first to throw the Emperor off guard.

"I said, I love you."

"Yes, I heard you the first time, but I don't understand?"

"Okay, pretend I was your girlfriend. If I told you I love you, how would you respond?"

Ah, so that's why.

"If my feelings matched yours; I love you, too."

"See? Exactly! What's so hard in saying it? You understand!" You raised your hands in frustration. "I just, don't get why."

"Why what?"

"All right, so, you're a guy, right?"

"Last time I checked, yes." Akashi chuckles jokingly and you cracked a small smile at his comment before you continued.

"Why is it hard for a guy to tell a girl he loves her? I mean, is there something we have to do? Or is there a particular waiting period?"

"Although I have never been in your situation, I believe it depends on the partner." Akashi has always been single, but through observation, he understood enough on the subject.

"But me and Shin-kun have been going out for over two years. I mean, I know we aren't at that marriage level, but I really care for him. I've recently started telling him I love him, but he never replies back. He'll just avoid it or say that it's embarrassing. I mean, I never pressure him to say it, but it's just annoying and upsetting when I'm the only one expressing it. What am I doing wrong?"

"Maybe it isn't you. It could just be him."

"What do you mean?"

"It is possible he may not feel the same."

"You mean Shin-kun doesn't love me back?" The likelihood of Midorima not returning the feeling squeezed tightly at your heart, making your legs cease in movement.

"I can't answer for him."

"Then...what do you think? You two get along pretty well, as his friend, do you think he loves me?" You didn't even know what you were asking. This was something someone outside of yours and Midorima's relationship could not answer. But your anxiousness was overcoming your rational thinking. Maybe you were hoping that Akashi would give you an answer that satisfied you.

"As I said, I can't answer for him. We do get along, but that does not mean I know what he is feeling. However, from what you are telling me, it seems that your relationship will not last long."

"W-what? No, that won't happen. I'm just being impatient, that's all. And who are you to tell me that our relationship won't work out?"

"You asked for my opinion."

"Well," you looked from the ground to him, "your opinion sucks."

Akashi was surprised by your bold answer. Normally, people would submit and agree, but no, he could see you fighting for your belief.

"Shin-kun is just shy. He...he doesn't really do stuff like that anyway and I understand."

"So, what was the problem before if you understand his personality?"

"I was just being silly. He cares about me. I know he does. Sometimes it's hard to see it, but I know he does. He does it in his own way. Shin-kun is prideful, so that's why he's taking a while."

"Then he should be proud to have you as his girlfriend, not attempt to conceal his emotions."

"I-I...I..." He was right. If your boyfriend truly loved you, then he could push aside his embarrassment and proudly tell you he loves you.

Unless, he really didn't love you.

"I'm going home. Don't walk me anymore. I only have one more block anyway." You couldn't help but feel angry at Akashi's responses.

Akashi frowns at the sudden cut off, but continues to walk behind you. He doesn't say anything, knowing it would make you more irritated. A small part of him did worry for upsetting you, but the his other half didn't concern himself with the matter too much. He knew you would agree with him soon. Akashi continues the rest of the way home after you're safe inside your house.

He's never been interested in anyone; seeing how other couples behaved, it seemed bothersome. Akashi didn't think he needed to find anyone, content with his status. Well, no one ever interested him to make him want to pursue a partner. However, as his relationship with you developed, he began to ponder what it would be like to establish a deeper connection with you. You were beautiful, he always thought that, but add your personality; your entire being attracted him.

Akashi was never one to intrude in other people's businesses. Why cause trouble for himself? But if he sees an opportunity, he would assess the situation before implementing a decision. Akashi wasn't trying to purposely cause a strain in yours and Midorima's bond, but he, as well as everyone else, knew that you deserved much better.

Akashi was attempting to make you rethink your judgement in choosing Midorima as your boyfriend. If you felt strongly about the green beast then he'll do nothing. However, if you didn't, then Midorima will be forced to prove himself to you against the Emperor.


It took you an entire night to finally realize how guilty you felt after you suddenly walked away from Akashi. You didn't mean to. You were angry at his response and also frightened at the possibility of it becoming true. But that didn't make it right to get mad at Akashi for answering your questions. You were nervous when you went to school, knowing Akashi would be one of the first few people you'd see. While you were changing your outdoor shoes in the entry way of the school, you spotted your red headed friend walking in your direction.

'Shiiit.' You hoped Akashi wasn't mad at you, but you wanted to apologize before he thought differently of you. You didn't want him thinking you hated him or more like you didn't want him to hate you. You valued all your friendships with the gang.

"G-good morning, Akashi-kun."

"Good morning, __(y/n)." He nods once before standing in front of his shoe locker.

"I'm sorry." You began the apology before you lost your chance. "I'm really sorry for being so jerky yesterday. I know you were only giving me your opinion and I shouldn't have left like that. I get a little mad when people say that me and Shin-kun shouldn't be together and I might not agree with what you said, but I do respect it. I shouldn't even have asked you all those awkward questions in the first place. I was venting a little and I guess I just wanted to hear what I wanted to hear, but I know everyone thinks differently. Again, I am really sorry and I hope you're not mad at me? I mean, I totally understand if you are but, I really feel bad about-"

"It's fine, __(y/n)." He was already satisfied with your beginning and how he was right in believing you would regret what you did last night. "I'm not mad. I, too, understood why you were upset. I accept your apology, so you can relax now."

He placed a hand over your fidgeting fingers and that jolt stunned your body again. Your cardiac organ pumped faster after the spark, silently questioning the sensation. A tender squeeze and a small smile from Akashi seemed to confirm that he knew what you were thinking.

"W-well, ummm, thank you. Sorry again, Akashi-kun."

"Hey." You both turned your heads in the direction of the voice, finding it belonging to Midorima. You detected a questioning glance at Akashi's hand over yours and you retracted your hand away from his loose grasp.

"Everything all right?" He had heard you apologize to his captain.

"Yes, everything is just fine." Akashi answers, exchanging his outdoor shoes to the indoor slippers.

"Yeah, I said something not so nice yesterday and I was just apologizing to him. But we're all good now." You didn't want Midorima to misinterpret Akashi's kind gesture.

"I see."

"Anyway, morning, Shin-kun. Did everything turn out okay with your sister?" You leaned up to kiss his cheek.

"Y-yeah. She just has to get everything replaced. Our mother wasn't too happy with what happened and grounded her for a bit because of carelessness." He attempted to hide his blush and pretend your kiss didn't affect him. You giggled quietly at his reaction as you asked him how the rest of his evening went yesterday. The others had arrived a few minutes later, but the couple were ready to leave for homeroom. You held out your hand in front of Midorima, smiling at your boyfriend.


"Yes, but what are you doing?" He asked despite having an idea of what your hand meant.

"Are you an idiot? It's obvious she wants you to hold her hand!" Kise answered for you.

"W-what? Not in here!" Red disperses over his face again.

"Why not? It's not like we're doing anything bad."

"If Midorima-kun doesn't want to, I'll hold your hand." Kuroko raises his palm, his emotionless face making it difficult to tell if he was serious or not.

"Hey!" Midorima glared slightly at the blue phantom. "Fine, I'll do it, but only until we reach homeroom." Midorima laced his fingers with yours as you gave him another kiss on the cheek. He reacted as you expected, laughing slightly at his embarrassed look.


Lunch time was spent in the music room with your boyfriend. You ate your food there and after, Midorima sat on the small bench in front of the piano. You sat beside him, arms over his waist while you rested your head on his shoulder. You listened to the melody from the keys, humming along whenever you recognized a song.

"Play some more." you said softly when he takes a small break.

"What would you like to hear?" His emerald orbs meet your __(e/c) jewels.

"Hmmmm, anything is fine."

"Then let me think of something." Your boyfriend then seals his lips over yours, removing one hand from the white keys and made its way to one of your hands. His fingers interlock with yours, the kiss still unbroken. You smiled against his lips, feeling him press a little bit harder. His tongue slides across your bottom lip and you brought yours out to meet his. He pushes it back inside your mouth, now engaged in a heated dance.

Midorima is the first to pull away, smiling slightly at your happy expression. He brings your hand upwards, planting a kiss over your knuckles. It were times like these when you would forget about your doubt in his love for you.


After your conversation with Akashi, nothing has changed between you and Midorima. He still acted the same whenever you wished to publicly show off your affection, but you wanted to try again with those three powerful words. Unfortunately, you both had competitions on the same day and you would only have a few minutes to spend with your man before your matches. But it would be only a couple hours, then he could walk you home after.

"Good luck, ne?" You both were by the entryway of the gym, the room filled with many supporters from both teams.

"Thank you. Good luck to you also." He pushes aside a strand of hair behind your ear, smoothly kissing your lips.

"I love you."

Those words pierced through him, tensing his entire body. You frowned at his reception, but you still waited and hoped for a decent answer.

"I'll see you later, __(y/n)." He releases his hand that rested on your waist, turning and walking to where his team mates were. Your lips stayed curved downwards, clearly unhappy at how he ignores your strong fondness for him. You had to avoid your emotions from disrupting your own club activities as you, too, went to meet with your group.

Through his entire game, Midorima continued to be plagued by your confession. He wasn't sure why it concerned him now, but he figured it was because you were saying it more frequently. You never pushed him to say it, but it still made him freeze. Was he not ready? It's been over two years, shouldn't you saying those words not bother him anymore? Wasn't he used to brushing it off?

"Che!" He scowls when his shot become blocked by his opponent.

'Focus!' He scolds himself, not wanting to contribute to the team's loss. He redeems himself in the next quarter by making all of his shots. His friends cheer when the game is won by Teiko, but Midorima felt disgusted by his play. He swore that next time he wouldn't conduct himself so poorly.

"Your performance was not your usual, Shintaro." Akashi steps outside with Midorima for the cool and refreshing air.

"It won't happen again."

"I'm guessing that something happened with you and __(y/n)?"

His wide, green eyes give away the curiousness in Akashi's remark.

"She is the only one to affect you in this way. What happened?"

"Nothing. Everything is fine. Like I said, it won't hap-"

"You will lose her, Shintaro."

"What did you say?"

"Just stating what is obvious. You care for her, yes, but is it enough?"

"How do you know how things will turn out for me and __(y/n)? And what do you know of our relationship?"

"I am absolute. I can see the entirety of the future. All I did was make a prediction through my observations."

"What are you trying to do, Akashi?" The Emperor heard a low growl emerge from his throat.

"I'm not doing anything. You're going to be the one to destroy your own happiness."

Before he could counter, his name is called out by a familiar female. Both men look to see the woman they desired walk in their path, Akashi reentering the gym to allow the both of you privacy. He knew he wasn't going to be included in your conversation.

"You won again, ne?" The Teiko basketball team has never lost a match.

"Of course."

"Congrats. I'm happy for you." you say, "Anyway, are you ready to go?"

"Let me get my things."


Your mood has changed since Midorima ignored you and all these questions and thoughts were surging inside your head. You didn't feel like talking to him. You didn't feel like talking to anyone, but you couldn't ignore your internal conflict anymore. When Midorima came out from the gym, you walked a little bit ahead of him, holding onto the strap of your bag tightly.

'How should I start this? Should I start by asking him how the game was then talk about us? No, the topic change would be too weird. I should just say it. I have to do it now before it's too late.'

"Shin-kun, how do you really feel about me?"

"Hah?" He stops walking before bumping into you. "What are you asking?"

"Do you love me?"

"What's all this about now?"

"I want to know if you really like me or not."

"Of course I like you. I wouldn't be your boyfriend if I didn't."

"Okay, but how about love?"

"I already told you I like you."

"No, Shin-kun, do you love me?" You took a step closer to him.

"Isn't it enough that I told you I like you? And how can you say such embarrassing things like that in public and with a straight face?"

"It's not enough for me. I want to hear you tell me you love me. No, actually, I want you to tell me and mean it." You then glared slightly at his last sentence. "You mean it's embarrassing when I want to kiss you or hold your hand in front of people?  What's so embarrassing about showing how much you care or telling them that you love them? I'm not asking you to marry me, I just want to know how you really feel about me."

"And you're going to continue getting the same answer."

You searched into his eyes to see if maybe his feelings did run deeper than you thought, but you could identify that all he'll ever feel would be nothing more than a simple like. His resolution shined brightly against his emerald eyes and your heart sank knowing you wouldn't be able to change his mind.

"Then let's break up."

Maybe you were being impulsive.

Maybe you were being stubborn.

Maybe you were being selfish.

But you knew what you wanted and Midorima wasn't going to provide it for you. A relationship where one person gives more love than the other wouldn't sustain. It wouldn't be fair to the other individual. Both partners had to equally feel the same in order to keep a long lasting bond.

Your feelings were progressing, but his was stagnant. It has been for a while and if it hasn't changed now, how long until it does? Maybe you could wait for a while, but the way he responds, it upset you. Instead of telling you how humiliating your affections were, he could have told you he appreciated them or at least tell you he really cares about you, but isn't ready to say 'I love you' yet. You could have accepted that. At least you understood where your relationship was going.

Midorima frowns deeply at your declaration, not expecting you to no longer wish to be with him. He was too used to how accepting you were with his attitude.

"If that is what you want."

"Well, what do you want? Or what do you think?" You weren't expecting him to beg. No way. You, yourself, wouldn't beg if someone tried to break up with you. But you wanted to hear him say that he couldn't agree with it. Tell you that the two of you could solve this together.

"I don't have anything to say nor do I have a set decision on what I want. I will go with whatever choice you make."

You clenched your fists tightly at the pressure of being the one determine how your statuses would be. Wasn't he going to say anything else? Did he really want to leave it like this?

"Like I said, I do love you and I care for you, but I can't go on knowing that I'm the only one giving my all and you don't feel the same. It's not fair to me and I don't think it's fair to you either."

"Then I guess we have our decision." His pride was refusing to let him reveal how he felt, assuming it as a sign of weakness. If someone didn't like what he was doing or how he was acting, he was too mighty to reconsider his behavior.

"I guess so." Your mind couldn't produce anything else to add, the atmosphere heavy with tension. What was there to say?

Maybe a goodbye? A thank you? Be careful?

You opened your mouth, but again, you had nothing to say. Midorima was the first to take action, simply nodding once before walking in the direction of his house. You figured it was best to keep it quiet. Hurt feelings tend to generate ugly arguments.



If you read all the way to the bottom under the trivia section, you can see all these cute, little facts about him. That's where I learned he had a younger sister.


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