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Kaneki x Reader

'Where is she? I have to find her! I have to find her!' Multiple thoughts raced through Kaneki's mind, forcing his legs to run through the pain. After his fight with Amon, thinking of you was the only thing that kept him from turning into his kakuja form. The only one who kept him sane.

'Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Why can't I run fast enough!? Why can't I pick up her scent? Where is she? Where is she!?'

Panic was shaking his entire body, making him lose his sense of direction and decision making. He knew he needed to calm down so that he could carefully track you, but he was losing patience. Kaneki needed to know if you were safe.

While running down a particular path, he could smell something familiar. His heart quivered at each inhalation, dashing further and quicker.

It was you.

It was your scent.

But something was off.

He was pleased yet something inside of him restrained his happiness. Another part of his mind was telling him he should be concerned. Because it was not only your fragrance that he picked up, but blood.

Kaneki spots a figure with a staggering gait ahead of him, identifying the individual as his girlfriend. He calls your name, making himself known as you cease your movements.


"__(y/n)!" His relieved expression does not stay as it's replaced by panic yet again. With your hand pressed against your abdomen, red liquid rapidly seeps in between your fingers. You had unknowingly left a trail, which Kaneki had followed.

"Ken! Oh, Ken, you're safe!" You then wince in pain, using the wall of a building for support. Your legs and hands were shaking, struggling to keep a straight posture. Kaneki sweeps you in his arms, the two of you slowly sliding down to sit on the floor.

"Y-you're hurt!" He adds pressure over your hand against your wound.

"Ken...V-14. Don't...d-don't go there." You had to warn him. The two of you separated when you met with Amon. Kaneki chose to fight while you tried to help Irimi and Koma escape.

"I-I-I'm sorry. Ken, I'm so sorry." You bit your quivering lip, bodies of your ghoul comrades flash in your mind, reminding you that they were no longer part of the living world.

"Irimi-san...Koma-san, they're gone. I...I couldn't save them."

"Shh...shh, it's okay. It's okay." He wanted you to converse your energy.

"But they're dead because I couldn't protect them."

"It's not your fault. You did your best. As long as you're safe, it's fine and I know that is what they wanted."

"Ken...?" You whisper his name, feeling yourself grow tired.


"I love you."

Normally his cheeks would flush and his chest would swell with elation, but the way you said those three words sounded as if they were your last.

"__(y/n), I love you, too. Let's go home, ne?"

As he attempted to stand, he felt his own wounds ache and reopen. Now that his adrenaline levels had lowered slightly, the pain was beginning to prick his body. Kaneki felt a hand brush against his cheek and his eyes stare down at your sad smile.

Without exchanging words, he knew what you were thinking. He pressed your hand against his face and his eyes film over with tears.


"'s ok-"

"No. Please, no. We're going home now, okay? So, everything will be fine."

Pain and anxiety froze his body as he held you closely, feeling your heart rate slow down.

"I, __(f/n), promise to love and cherish you in good times and in bad. In sickness and in health. I will love you and honor-"

"Wait, wait, __(y/n). What are you doing?"

"Marrying you before I..." It hurt to say it. It hurt to know that your final moments were coming true.

"No, __(y/n), you can't!"

"We made a promise, remember?" You pull out your necklace from under your top which had the promise ring Kaneki gave you.

"I remember. Of course I do and we're going to keep it until we're out of here. Once we're rested and healed, I'll do it properly. I swear it. We just have to go home and get some sleep." He continued to refuse, refuse, and refuse. Kaneki didn't want to believe it. He didn't want his only light in his dark, twisted world to fade away.

"Everything is all right, Ken."

"It's not! You're hurt and you're in pain! I should've gone with you instead! I shouldn't have let you go by yourself. We should've escaped together..." His tears were finally released from his bi colored eyes.

"I'm all right, Ken. Really, I am. I don't feel anything anymore. I'm happy. I'm in your arms. I'm in the arms of my first and only love. My sweet Kaneki, Ken." You hated to see him in so much distress.

"__(y/n)...." He choked your name, kissing your palm as he squeezed your hand slightly. "Just hold on, please. I love you, __(y/n). I love you."

Kaneki lifts your upper body closer to his, lightly kissing your lips. You weakly grabbed onto his shirt, pouring all your emotions into the kiss. When there was a small distance forming between your lips, you pushed his head towards yours just a little longer.

"I love you so much more." You whisper after you both finally pull away, nuzzling your face in his neck. Kaneki sobs loudly into your shoulder, feeling your grip loosen on him and no longer hearing the sound of your beating heart.

"No, __(y/n)! Don't leave me. Please, __(y/n). Please. Come back....come back. Don't go. You promised you'd never leave me alone."

Kaneki doesn't care how his loud wailings captures the attention of the CCG crowd, all equipped with their weapons. They watch with confusion and mixed emotions after witnessing the death of a young woman. The loss of a ghoul's lover was new to them, never having seen a "human" side to the monsters.

He lifts his head from your neck, watching patches of white kiss your skin and decorate your __(h/c) hair. He gently brushes the snow from your face, letting his fingers run through your hair. His tears continue to slide down his cheeks as he whispers your name and plead for your return. When he tried to gently shake you and received no response, your death rattles him once again. Kaneki voices his anguish and pain loudly, rocking you in his embrace.

His back and forth movement slows down when he smells a person with your scent. He turns his head behind him, eyeing a tall male with a hair color similar to his. The man's white coat is stained with spots of red and he sees your blood dripping down Arima's weapon.

Kaneki glared at your murderer, his kagune protruding from his back while veins erupt around his left eye. You weren't with him anymore. He couldn't sit and allow Arima to leave without some kind of pain.

He places a kiss on your forehead, gently laying you on the ground.

Kaneki isn't certain on what he wanted to do or what he was even doing, but he knew he had a low chance of escaping now. He lets himself loose, allowing his insane self take over. His kakuja form controls his every movement while the boy lets out a disturbed laugh.  

Kaneki feels nothing despite fighting the investigator with all of his energy. He doesn't react to any pain, not even when Arima's lance pierces through his eye. His back his met with something hard, cold, and wet, but is paralyzed with exhaustion and broken will.

He moves his hand towards where he thinks your body is, hoping to come in contact with you. He can't feel his body anymore, just a heavy sensation of falling endlessly.



He hears a soft humming and warmth wrap itself around him. He slowly opens his eyes, careful of the sun's bright rays. Kaneki blinks in confusion, noting that his entire surrounding has changed. There were no CCG members, bodies scattered on the ground, snow falling, or the sound of weapons and bullets clashing.

"Finally, sleepy head!" He gasps slightly at the familiar voice, tracing it down to his lap. There you were, causally laying your head on his legs while you were browsing through one of his books.

"Ne, you said you were only going to take a 5 minute nap but you took-"

"__(y/n)!" He forces you to sit up as he embraces you tightly. He says your name repeatedly and his emotions begin to spill again. "You're're alive...! I love you, __(y/n). I love you so much. I'm so sorry for letting you get hurt like that. I'm sorry."

"Ken, it's all right. Everything is okay now." you say gently. "I love you, Ken and I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

You smile sweetly after pulling away from his hug. You kissed the corners of his eyes, wiping his cheeks with your fingers. Kaneki places his own over yours, kissing your palm and he leans forward to rest his forehead against yours.

"I, Kaneki, Ken, promise to love and cherish you in good times and in bad. In sickness and in health. I will love yo-"

"Wait, wait, what are you doing?"

"I'm marrying you, just like I promised."

"Mouu, you said we were going to do it properly." You pouted cutely. "We don't even have our proper rings or the place for our ceremony. The guest list isn't even done and most importantly, I'm not in my dress!"

"You're right. I did promise. It's just..." You could tell he seemed slightly puzzled and you knew what was on his mind. You wrap your arms around his waist, nuzzling your nose against his.

"Hey, everything is all right now. We're going to be okay. We're safe now. I'm with you and you're with me."

"You're right. As long as we're together, that's all that matters." He holds you to his chest and he could feel you respond with a tight hug and a light peck on his shoulder. The burden from his sufferings and misery no longer crushed him, feeling himself breathe much easier than before.

Kaneki carefully lifts you by your waist and spins once before pressing his lips to yours. After earning a small giggle from his lover, he finally realizes that you two could love and be in each other's company in peace. After he sets you on your feet, his fingers fill the spaces between yours. He kisses the back of your hand lovingly and shared one more kiss before you both walk towards your happy ending.
Art X Reader

Chapter 2

"Move in together? Whoa, aren't you moving a bit too fast? You haven't even taken me out on a date!" You slightly joked despite not understanding his motives.

"I mean move in temporarily. The number of attacks have increased, even inside of your own home. I think it's best if I live with you, that way if anything should happen, I can respond immediately."  

"Doesn't really look like I have much of a choice." you sighed.

"You always have the right to refuse, but I want you to be aware of the risks of less security around you."

"I know, I understand, of course I'll agree. It's just a bit overwhelming. I'm trying to figure out what I did wrong."

"You didn't do anything wrong, __(l/n)-san. We will find who's behind this."

"Thank you."


"Here are the reports from case number 204." Art receives a manila envelope from one of the staff members.

"Thank you. How about for case number 289?"

"No, sir, there hasn't been any updates since the last occurrence."

"I see. Well, anyway, good work." He dismisses his colleague, marking on his calendar how long it has been since your case was issued.

'Already 6 months? Just what are we lacking?' His thoughts were thrown apart at the sudden bang of his door.

"Inspector! __(l/n)-san is here along with a few others. They also brought in a suspect!"

Art quickly follows another of his coworker, leading him to the main lobby, spotting you and some of the Hamatora gang.

"Art-kun! Let's go home already!" He hears you say.

"__(l/n)-san, are you all--what is that?" Art finds you, Birthday, and Nice covered in thick, clear liquid.

"I don't know and I don't want to find out. All I just want is a shower."

"It's this guy's Minimum. He can produce some slime-like secretion. He was quite difficult to handle." Murasaki lifts the culprit by the back of his shirt, presenting him to your handsome bodyguard. Art orders any available police members to contain the slime Minimum Holder for questioning, though he doubts he'll extract any valuable information from him just like the others.

"Yo, Art! Mind helping us out?" Nice is attempting to shake off as much goo as possible.

"Quit it, you bastard! You're sending that crap over here!" Birthday complains.

"I can't help it! I just want this off me!"

"You three can use our locker rooms in the basement. We have showers there. I'll also send someone to leave spare clothes."

"Ne, __(y/n)-chan, let's shower together!" You feel Birthday's arm weigh on your shoulders.



"No, of course not! Go shower by yourself!"

"But it's lonely!"

"Shower with Nice then."

"Oi! I don't want that!" Nice interjects the conversation.

"But I like you better!" Birthday's lips curve into a big pout.

"Sorry, but my answer is still no."

"__(y/n)-chaaaan, don't be so cold!"

"We might have to arrest you if you keep harassing poor __(l/n)-san." Gasuke bumps the top of Birthday's head with his cane. "Anyway, follow me and I'll show you where the shower rooms are."


'I feel so much better!' You exhaled happily, patting your damp hair with the towel. You exit the locker rooms when finished, surprised to see Art waiting for you outside.

"The others left already since I told them that you and I will be going home together."

"Oh, I see. You finished your work? I don't mind waiting if you didn't."

"It's all right. I'm done for the day."

You walk beside him down the long hallway, stopping momentarily when a particular warning sign captures your attention.

"Shooting range?"

"Yes, this is the room where we practice our shooting skills. Would you like to see?"

"Mhm!" Art unlocks the door using his I.D card and you become amazed at how a spacious room was located underneath the building.

"Do you come here often?"

"Once in a while if I have time."

"I've never been to this kind of place before. The only shooting experience I've had is at a carnival with the water guns."

"At least it's something?" He chuckles with you.

"I guess, but, can I try it out?"

"Try what out?" He sees your hopeful and pleading look.

"Target practice! I want to try using a real gun."

"You need permission and supervision."

"But you're here, right? Can't you be the one to supervise me? I mean you are the best person to ask." Being the director of the entire building, you knew he held the most authority.

"Please? Even if it's just once. With all this crazy stuff that's happening, I would at least like to know how to properly handle a gun.

"Do you even have a license to own one?"

"No, but you never know. I might start to now that more people are trying to kidnap me."

"But I'm here to protect you as well as the others."

"Yeah, but still. I'd feel better if I knew."

"All right, but I can't do this all the time. There are rules to be followed when using this room." He leads you to one of the booths, pulling out his personal gun to educate you on its mechanics. After showing you the parts of the small weapon and how to use, he carefully places it in your hand. You note its slightly heavy weight, handling the object delicately before aiming it towards the target board.

"Before you start, you have it hold it lik-" You ignore his directions, pulling the trigger eagerly. You blink when a soft click is heard and felt a resistance when you attempted to set it off.

"The safety is on." Art answers your questioning look. He also shows you how to undo the safety measures, standing closely behind you. "I'm going to show you step by step how to fire it, okay? If it's not done right, you can get hurt."

You feel his hands over yours, adjusting your position on the gun. Your heart speeds up at the lack of distance, never having been this close to Art. You try to calm yourself, believing that he might actually sense your nervousness. You question why your focus is on Art and not on your lesson. You assume that it's the closeness, but you didn't think you would mind. He's been living with you for a couple of months so why did you feel this way?

"__(l/n)-san? Are you listening? __(l/n)-san?"

"H-huh? Yeah, umm, sorry, say that again?"

"You need to pay attention." A sigh escapes his lips. "Handling a gun is dangerous and you must take caution before using it."

"Right. Sorry. I'll listen." You stare ahead at the end of the room where shapes of people were standing firmly in their place. You pinpoint the red dots on the human board, indicating its vital spots.

"Always point your gun in a safe direction and be sure of where you want to shoot. Only place your finger on the trigger when ready. You don't want to accidentally pull it. The number one thing here is safety." He lifts your hands slightly, continuing his firm grip on you.

"Hold onto your weapon tightly. When you fire, there's going to be a recoil. My gun's recoil isn't high, but since this is your first time, it's better if we pretend as if it does. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, I'm ready." You nodded.

"You've marked where you want to hit?"


"Okay, we'll count together."

"1...2...3...!" A bang screams loudly in your ear and your hands feel as if they have been slapped backwards. If it weren't for Art holding your hands and acting as a support, you would have hit yourself in the face and fell to the ground.

"You okay?" Art couldn't help his small laugh at your startled reaction.

"Don't laugh at me! I've never done this before."

"Sorry, sorry. I'm not making fun of you, trust me."

"You better not." The pout on your lips makes him pass a thought he never imagined he would have. A light pink dusted on your cheeks and your bottom lip jutting out ever so slightly made him think you were cute.

"Anyway, I want to try again." You look back at your objective with determination.

Art quickly dispels his quiet comment when you ask for his guidance, returning his concentration to his quick lesson.

"Which mark were you going after?"

"The heart."

"Okay, you want to align yourself up with the heart then. Move your arms a little bit higher and straight. Keep them firm so you don't lose grip on the gun."

Your body tenses slightly when his chin is placed on your neck, cheek pressed adjacent to yours. His skin felt warm and smooth and his lilac locks sent a tickling sensation everywhere it touched. Art was correcting your position again, allow him to maneuver your body. Well, at the moment, it didn't feel as if you had control. Your mind was lost at how Art was able to erupt these strange feelings in your heart. Was he aware of what he was doing? What were you even thinking?

"Ready?" You suddenly zoom back to your original task, scolding yourself for being easily distracted. You were handling a gun right now! Safety is the priority at the moment, but somehow, you felt safe with Art.

"I'm ready."


Since you were expecting the explosive noise, you didn't shriek, but your body still jumped at the gun's forceful recoil. You blinked when you saw the damage to your target and gasped happily.

"Look! Do you see that? It hit! I got the hear-" When you pivoted your head, your breath was cut short at the sudden, up close appearance of Art. You were excited about your target that you almost forgot about Art's presence. Mesmerized by those gorgeous, violet eyes, you couldn't complete your sentence, yet Art knew exactly what you were thinking.

"Yes, I saw. Good job." Art also couldn't find it himself to move away, captivated by this new perspective of you. Your lips, your eyes, the way your strands of hair framed your face, and the tiny, beautiful, facial features he never noticed; Art was paying attention to everything now.

Unfortunately, he didn't have enough time to fully appreciate every detail, both of you snapping out of your stupor when a text message is directed to Art's cell phone. Returning the distance between the two of you, you put Art's gun back to its safety mode then placing it back into his possession.

"How about we get something to eat?" He suggests while you leave the target practice room. Art says goodbye to the rest of the police crew on the way out, thanking everyone for their hard work. He opens the front door for you when you approach his car, letting Art decide on the restaurant.


"Good thing we ate here! The food is so delicious. Totally beats my cooking." You let out a satisfied sigh, placing your fork down when you finished your meal.

"Nonsense. Your cooking is just as good."

"Oh stop, you're just saying that."

"No, I'm serious. It is."

"Okay, okay. Thank you." You smiled before glancing up at the waiter when he approached the table.

"Would you like any desserts?" You hear him ask.

"Yes, please! We'll take number 2 and 8 from the dessert menu. Oh! And he'll also take a cup of regular coffee with sugar on the side. Lots of sugar, please."

"Sure, I can bring those out for you." The waiter leaves with your empty dinner plates.

"I'm surprised you knew what I was going to order." chuckles the inspector.

"I'm getting to know you, Art." You give a wink and a light giggle, resting your chin against your palm.

"And I as well." You weren't the only one who was picking up habits and mannerisms of the other person.

"Oh really? Then did you know I used to be enrolled at the Facultas Academy?"

"You were? I don't remember having classes with you." Art moves himself closer to the table, presenting his interest.

"That's because I wasn't there for very long. Maybe a little less than a month? They said I had Minimum potential, but they couldn't find it at all. There was only one person who believed in me, but I forgot the name. Anyway, when they couldn't find my Minimum, they just...threw me out. They said I was a waste of their research time. Guess I wasn't all that special." You gave half a smile, mixed feelings always seem to erupt whenever you thought of Falcutas.

"You don't need a Minimum to be special." Art lays his hand over yours on the table, giving it a gentle squeeze. "You're fine just as you are, __(l/n)-san. If Falcutas can't see your worth, then its their loss because I can see it and so do the others."

"Thanks, Art." Your half smile slowly starts to spread. "But you're right. I'm fine with what I have now. I mean, I always did wonder what it would be like if I did have a Minimum, but I guess it's not meant for me. Besides, I made it this far without one. I graduated from college. I have my own place. I have a stable job. The only thing is that there's people after me, but one good thing came from it."

"What is that?" He ponders what the positive was with your kidnapping case.

"I was able to make more friends and I got to know a sweet person like you." You beam happily at Art, your bodyguard feeling his chest swell slightly.

"I'm glad I got to know you as well." His thumb strokes the back of your hand lightly. He releases your hand when the waiter returns with your orders, placing them carefully in front of you and Art. Once finished, Art paid for the two of you, denying any method of payment from you. Although he said he didn't mind, you were going to pay him back next time.

"I want to make a couple of stops before we go home. Is that all right?"

"That's fine. Where are we going?"

"To visit my little brother."

"Oh? I didn't know you had a little brother. I guess we still have lots to learn about each other, ne?"

"I believe we do. Guess this means we should spend more time together then."

"I wouldn't mind."


Your first stop was at the well known flower shop in Yokohama, Anemone. Although you purchased from there a couple of times, you have heard many good reviews about the small business. You glanced at the many different flowers on display while Art went to the owner to buy his usual order.

"One bouquet of white lilies?" The owner knew his answer, but always wanted to confirm.

"Yes, please."

"Oh? You have brought someone with you this time." The magenta colored hair woman peeks to the left of him. "Your girlfriend?"

Art's face glows a light pink at her assumption, but shook his head. "Just a friend."

"I see." The florist leaves momentarily to ready Art's purchase.

"May I help you, Miss?"

Turning around, you meet one of the part timers from Anemone, the young lady greeting you with a welcoming smile.

"Oh, I'm just looking for now."

"Okay, well, if you need anything, please let me know."

"Sure." You nod, eyeing a tall pot full of __(flower). You wondered why Art wanted to stop here before seeing his brother and a probable reason came to mind.

"Sorry, actually, I do need your help. I'm going to buy these." You pointed to a particular set of posies, getting the worker's attention before she drifted elsewhere.

Momoka watches one of her employees help you, her eyes widening slightly at the recognition. She stays quiet and finishes wrapping Art's bouquet before scanning the barcode at the register. Art hands her the correct amount of cash in exchange for the white lilies. He then blinks when a single rose is presented to him, knowing he didn't request it.

"I don't think I asked for that."

"I know. You can give it to your 'friend.' I'm sure she'll appreciate it."

"Thank you, but why are you giving it me?"

"Although she is just a friend, she is someone special to you, ne?" Art and Momoka look to where you were being taken care of by the second cash register. He unknowingly nods, accepting the extra rose before thanking Momoka for her service.

"Have a good rest of the day. Make sure you treasure every moment you have with her." She smiles slightly before Art meets with you by the exit. She momentarily allows the part timer to take over, hiding herself in her small office. Momoka's lips curve into a smirk as she dials a number on her cell phone.


"__(l/n)-san, I have something for you." You stopped to turn to the inspector. You see him slightly bend forward, offering a ruby stained rose in its mature stage. You gasp quietly at the surprise and admire its vivid color, carefully taking the flower by its thornless stem.

"Why, thank you." You giggle, playfully lowering yourself in a small curtsey. He smiles at your reaction, bowing a bit further with one hand over his chest and the other behind him. You bring the rose closer to your face to inhale its sweet scent, joyful __(e/c) eyes looking up at him once before walking to the passenger side of the car.

Your final destination was in front of a cemetery and your assumption from before was correct. The two of you climb out of the car once parked, Art seeing you with a small set of flowers in your hand.

"How did you know my brother was gone?"

"I kind of took a guess. You said you were visiting your little brother and you bought flowers before we got here. Usually brothers don't give each other flowers so I assumed this was where we were going."

"Ah, I see."

Walking along a wide concrete path, you follow Art through the graveyard, making a few turns before halting at his brother's burial site. You read the writings on the stone and frown at how young his sibling was.

"Skill, I've brought a friend. Her name's __(l/n)-san. Sorry that it's been a while. I've been a bit busy." Art begins to kneel on the ground, placing down his gift.

"Hello, Skill. It's nice to meet you." you say softly, situating yourself beside Art and also offering your gift. You put your hands together and closed your eyes, exhibiting your respect for the dead.

"If it weren't for that accident, you would've gotten along with him." You hear Art say after you stand.


"Yes, something went wrong during an experiment."

"I'm sorry."

"You don't have to be. It wasn't your fault."

"But I agree with what you said about me and your brother getting along. I'm sure he is just as sweet as you are."

"I'm not all that nice." Art smiles sadly.

"What do you mean? Of course you are."

"No, I'm a selfish person. During my days at Facultas, I envied every single person that had a Minimum. Although I would congratulate them on their achievements, I was jealous. Even to my younger brother. The things I thought about the others, you would have thought differently of me. I might have been the first to graduate without a Minimum, but why is it that I don't have one? Don't I deserve one, too? All my friends have a Minimum. I'm pathetic, ne?" Art didn't understand why he was expressing himself so freely.

He felt that he could let his emotions flow without being reprimanded or judged around you. Second thoughts then make him regret opening his mouth with his guard down.

You move yourself directly in Art's line of vision, firmly taking both of his hands.

"You aren't pathetic at all. It's natural for you to feel that way. Angry, jealous, sad, happy, they're all emotions we feel everyday. I understand what it's like to not have a Minimum, too, but Art, I think you're an amazing person. Even though they couldn't detect your Minimum, you still worked hard. You worked hard enough to earn yourself a degree from Facultas Academy and became recognized as the first non-Minimum holder graduate. Not only do you have a well paying job, but you help and protect people, you're a hero! You achieved so much without any supernatural power. You have saved me multiple times and you did it on your own. To me, I think you're better than any Minimum Holder out there."

Art's heart permeates with elation, earning you a grateful smile from the Yokohama policeman. He lightly squeezes your hands, holding them a bit longer.

"Thank you." He felt relieved that he could trust and share with his feelings with you.

A sudden, strong gust blows against the you and Art, the young man taking one more step closer to you as if to protect you from the wind and whatever debris it brought. However, he felt as if it was more of a playful shove towards the woman before him. An image of his grinning brother develops in his mind and releases a small, weak sigh. One corner of his lip turns up slightly, raising a playful brow in the direction from where the wind originated.

"You okay?" you asked, feeling his position shift during the forceful breeze.

"Yes, I'm fine. Just a bit surprised at how windy it became."

"Maybe it's your brother agreeing with me. See? You're right that we get along."

"I guess so." Chuckling at how you thought the same. "Anyway, let's go home. They'll be closing the cemetery soon."

He releases one of your hands, carefully pulling your other to lead you down the path where you came from. Resistance stops him from walking, pivoting his head to see you tilt yours at Skill's tombstone.

"What's wrong?"

"Those are some...interesting flowers. I've never seen them before. I wonder who gave them?" He directs his gaze to a group of unusual flowers, each having a ring of black petals with a crimson stigma.

"Black cosmos? I'm not sure who out of our friends gave it."

"Well, the thought is still nice. But yeah, let's go back."

He slowly slips his fingers from yours, unsure if you felt comfortable keeping your hands connected. His palms become cold and finds himself longing for your warmth. He puts down the new thought, concentrating on leading you back to the car.

It was still early in the evening, but the sun was already hiding behind the horizon, leaving the sky a midnight blue.

"Did you want to use the shower first?" you asked after taking off your jacket and shoes by the door.

"You can go ahead. I'm going to be up for a while. I have some case files to look over."

"All right, but if you need anything, I'll be in my room."

"I'll keep that in mind. Thank you, __(l/n)-san."

"__(y/n). Call me __(y/n). It sounds too formal if you call me __(l/n)-san. Besides, we're friends now, ne?"

"Of course we are. Then I'll use __(y/n) from now on."

"Great! Well, I'm going to head to the shower. I'll come out once in a while to bother you to make sure you aren't working too hard."

"I look forward to that." He laughs slightly, watching you enter the bathroom.

'__(y/n), huh?' Art wasn't expecting you to give him permission to call you by your first name, but overall, he was happy at the step up in yours and his relationship.


[1] Anemone is the flower shop Momoka owns. Episode 8 I think shows it?

"I...I won't let you hurt Sei-chan!" A child with __(h/c) stands protectively in front of her close friend, glaring at the dangerous man.

"Hah! What is a little girl like yourself going to do?" He laughs, drawing out his weapon as he slowly corners you and the red head.

"__(y/n)-chan, you go run and get help. I'll sto-"

"Nah uh. Sei-chan, I promise I'll protect you. Just don't be afraid, okay?" You held onto his hand with a strong grasp, a nervous smile painted on your lips.

"I know I won't get anything out of you, little girl, but that Emperor's son, oh, I know I can makes lots of money off him!" Your offender raises his sword and swings it towards the top of your head.


You tense slightly as you held up your hand, an invisible force ceasing the attack. You glare at the assailant, pushing your hand towards the sky and he is forcefully thrown against the trunk of a thick tree. You stopped your powers as soon as the man laid limp on the ground, turning to face Akashi.

"Let's go tell-"

Before you could finish, he quickly forces release of his hand, stepping away from you. Your eyes widened as you see confusion and fear mixed with his red orbs. You understood the confusion, but what hurt was that fear. He looked at you as if you were a-

"Monster..." You froze at his description of you, not believing that Akashi had really called you THAT.

"S-s-sei-chan, I'm not..I'm not a-"

"Monster! S-stay back! Stay away from me!" The future Emperor runs back to the palace as quickly as his tiny body could take him, screaming for help. You didn't move, breathing took enough effort already as his words paralyzed you.


"__(y/n), no!"

"I have to! Tetsuya, I have to. I have to contain it before it spreads. I have-"

"You can't...there has to be another way." He pulls you into a tight embrace, his arms quivering against your body.

"We don't have time..." you placed your palms against his cheeks, sadly smiling at your lover. "I know you can do it. I know you can save me. Tetsuya, you say you're a shadow, but you're not to me. You're my light, Tetsuya. So, please, don't forget me, okay?"

"No, I won't let you-"

"I love you." you pressed your lips against his his quickly before pushing him back. You hear him call out to you, but refused to turn around or respond. You face the quickly growing, black swirl, lifting both arms to prevent it from consuming your friends.


Haise Sasaki x Reader

You finally spot the man who was the last person with your child. You almost stumble into him, gripping onto his arms tightly.

"__(s/n)...what he okay?" You didn't know what to ask first. Haise struggles with his own voice, but through the tears falling from his eyes, you knew your answer.

"Where...where is he? Haise, is my baby okay?"

You could feel Haise's body tremble under your palms as he refuses to look at you, still unable to deliver a response. Your body stopped for a moment, the beating of your heart, your movements, and your thinking. It was as if you were an empty, fragile vessel, ready to drop into tiny pieces.

"" your whispers slowly growing louder. "No!! What happened?! Haise, what happened?"

Your shaking forces Haise to open his eyes and direct his gaze to your heartbroken, __(e/c) eyes.

"What happened to my son!" You wailed loudly, panic and guilt stabbing the man who was falling for you. You take another breath, not to calm yourself, but to release your pain and agony.

"__(y/n)!" The black and white haired male clumsily catches you when you start to fall to the ground. Instead of lifting you up, he sits on the floor with you, holding onto you tightly and burying his face in your neck.


United States
I'm selling my Kill la Kill, Ryuko, cosplay. :) It's her uniform version. I'm also selling it with her wig so it'll be a sort of a combo deal.

Message me for more details. 

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