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Art X Reader

Chapter 1: Targeted Name

You let out a small pout when you heard a knock disrupt you from eating your delicious slice of cake. You place down the plate on the table, walking to answer your door. You blink at two unrecognizable pair, noting their slightly formal attire.

"Hello?" You wondered if they went to the wrong apartment.

"Hello, we apologize for disturbing you, __(l/n)-san, but we're from the Yokohama Police Department." The shorter male with lilac hair reveals his police badge as well as his partner. "May we come in?"

"Oh, umm, sure. Please do." You stepped to the side and welcomed them into your home. You quickly went to kitchen and prepared beverages and snacks for your guests. You placed the tray on the table in the living room before settling down on the couch. The boys occupied the chair on both sides of the couch, thanking you for the food.

"Is everything all right? Did something happen?" Panic flashes in your __(e/c) orbs as you think of the worst scenario possible. "Is my family okay?"

"__(l/n)-san, your family is safe. It's actually you that we have to be concerned about." You hear the older male reply.


"Yes. As we stated before, we're from the Yokohama Police Department. My name is Art and this is my partner Gasuke. Have you heard about the recent murder cases around the city?"

"Briefly. I haven't had much time to look into it."

"There has been three bodies found from different areas of Yokohama. While trying to find a connection, we noted that all victims were female, but ranged variously in age. According to the victims' family and friends, none of them knew one another. Their backgrounds had no significant ties with any of them as well. After the third death, there was another link that we overlooked. We didn't consider it much in the beginning, but after further research, we believe we have a clue to preventing the murderer's next move."

"What's the clue then?" You weren't understanding how you were involved.

"They all shared the same name." Gasuke answers. "They were named __(full name). Your name isn't uncommon so that's why we didn't think much of it. But when we looked up the list of all registered persons living in Yokohama with your name, you were the last one. We think someone is trying to come after you."

"M-me? But...I didn't do anything! All I do is spend time with my family and friends and work! Sometimes I'll go to the mall or go on vacations. But I don't remember doing anything terrible to someone."

"We believe you, __(l/n)-san, we have checked your records and everything is clean. Do you perhaps remember someone ever saying anything to you? Or did you happen to see something? How about an ex boyfriend or boyfriend who you had an argument with?"

"No, none of that! Like I said, my life isn't that interesting for someone to want to go after. I'm pretty much boring! Sometimes I feel like I have no social life! I don't even have a boyfriend! Why would someone want to come after me?" You  were fidgeting in your seat, hands on your mouth while trying to figure out why anyone would want to kill you.

"It's all right, __(l/n)-san, we promise nothing will happen to you." Art moves from his seat to beside you, placing a hand on your shoulder to soothe you.


"We'll assign a bodyguard to you at all times until the felon is caught. Will you accept?"

"Of course. So, when is my bodyguard going to be here? And who will it be?"

"If you can come to the station with us now, we'll introduce you to him along with the rest of the team who is working on this case."

You agreed easily, trailing behind the duo to the parking lot. Before you reached the white car, your surroundings became blurry and your feet were no longer bearing any weight. You glance down at your waist to find a thick, string-like material coiled around you. Tilting your head up to follow the string, your eyes widened at a man crawling up the side of your apartment building.

He had large spider legs protruding from his spine, the long fibers originating from his palms. He reels you closer to him and you attempt to break free from his binds.

"Perfect match!" He exclaims, holding up a picture after studying your face.

"__(l/n)-san!" Art removes his gun from its holder, aiming at the human spider. He hesitates at firing, seeing how you were also at risk of being hurt.

"Let me go!" You growled, slamming your head against his nose.

"Argh! Stupid woman!" He releases the picture, holding onto his aching face. His eyes catch three more people below, frowning at the increase of his enemies.

"There he is!" You hear a young girl say and watch her point in your direction. "My hamburger."

"Hajime-chan, wait!"

The short female stands below you before bending her knees slightly and jumping at high speed. Yours and your kidnapper's eyes widen at how quickly she was flying to you, her fist suddenly colliding with his jaw. While the pain was registering throughout his body, the strands from his palms become disconnected.


Before Art runs to where you would land, the boy with bandages on his cheeks and nose disappears from his spot. He materializes behind you, grabbing you tightly before vanishing from your falling location.

"Oi! Hajime-chan! That was dangerous!" You hear him slightly scold at the red eyed girl and you opened your eyes to find you are now standing in front of the two Yokohama police partners.

"Are you all right, __(l/n)-san?" Art attempts to free you from your webbed constraints.

"Surprisingly, yes."

"We're sorry for the trouble." A tall man with glasses helps Art tear the thick strands easily.

"Actually, I'm quite grateful for your arrival." says Art. "I was not expecting a Minimum Holder to be involved."

You hear small mumbles and groans coming from behind and you see the small girl dragging your captor by the back of his sleeve. She drops him in front of Art and Gasuke, holding out her palm to them.


"Hajime-chan, you should be apologizing to the pretty girl instead! You almost dropped her."

She turns to you, still exposing her hand and looking up at you with big, red eyes. "Hamburger?"

"You're...hungry?" You laugh sheepishly at her carefree behavior.


"That's not an apology!" Your savior sighs. "Anyway, my name's Nice and the other one is Murasaki. Sorry about Hajime-chan. That guy made her drop her hamburger and she gets quite upset when she can't eat."

"It's fine. You guys did save me so I do owe you."

"That's going to have to wait. We should take you to the station and introduce your bodyguard as well as question this guy." Gasuke interrupts.

"Thanks again for your help. I'll see you later, Nice." Art smiles slightly at the three, leading you to his vehicle. .


You were seated in an office with a few other law enforcers scattered around the room. Art was leaning against a desk, looking through a thin set of papers.

"__(l/n)-san, this is the team that is working on your case. I know I mentioned about assigning one of them to you as a bodyguard, but I've decided to make some changes. I will be your guardian instead."

"What? But you can't be in charge of the case and be the bodyguard. Those are two stressful roles." Gasuke argues for the sake of Art's health. He's seen how the young male is when stressed and didn't want him to unfairly burden himself.

"Now that Minimum Holders are involved, I would feel better if I was by __(l/n)'s side. I have more experience with Minimum Holders than with anyone else in the building. I am not saying that I am above everyone, but I wouldn't want my comrades hurt knowing that I could have prevented it. You all still have other tasks to complete, so don't think you're off the mission."

"At least divide the responsibilities for leading the case." The older man was one of the few that could freely speak with Art in this manner. The others were afraid to offend their Superintendent, even though Art was an approachable person. [1]

"I know that I'm not really part of delegating any tasks, but I agree with Gasuke-san. I would feel better if you didn't overwork yourself. If you become too distracted or end up getting sick because of stress, then who's going to help me?" You voiced your concerns and the rest of the team calmly and quietly agreed with you.

"Art, let me be in charge of this. Just focus on keeping __(l/n)-san safe. Trust in me, partner." He smiles slightly, placing a hand on his shoulder.

"I guess it can't be helped." Art sighs in defeat, but understands from yours and his coworkers' point of view.


"What should I make for dinner today?" you ask yourself, looking through your fridge and cabinets.

"I wonder what Art-kun would like?" You pull out your cell phone from your pocket, searching through your contacts before pressing on Art's name. It has been almost two months since you've gained a bodyguard and there has only been two more incidents of attempted kidnapping.

None of your captors revealed any information, which made it harder to pinpoint their true objective. Everyone was working hard on your case, even Nice offered his assistance and that gesture made you feel a little more safe.

"Hello?" Your bodyguard answers after a series of rings.

"Hi, Art. What do you want for dinner?"

"Dinner? Oh, that's all right, __(l/n)-san, please don't trouble yourself. I'll get something when Gasuke takes over for my break." Art and the others would alternate guard duties to relieve them from working long hours. It would be impossible for Art to continuously watch you during the entire mission.

"C'mon, don't be like that! I would really appreciate it if you come up and have dinner with me or are you trying to say that my cooking sucks?"

"No, of course not, __(l/n)-san. It's just that I'm on duty an-"

"It's not like you're abandoning your responsibilities. You're going to be in the same room as me anyway. Besides, you're starting to look like a stalker."

"S-stalker? Why would you think that?" You could hear his embarrassment and confusion.

"I don't think it, it's my neighbors. You're always parked by my apartment and you barely leave that spot so they've been noticing you and warning me to be careful." You see him glance up at you from his car and you give him a teasing smile and a small wave.

"All right, I'm coming up."

"Great! I'll start getting out the--Ahh!!" As soon as you reenter your home, you see a man slip through the thin crack of your front door.

"__(l/n)-san?! Are you okay? __(l/n)-san!" You are unable to respond to Art, your brain trying to decide where to escape. He was currently blocking the exit and you were too high up to jump from your window. His figure returns to its normal size, taking out a picture and comparing you with it.

"Got you." He smirks before sprinting towards you. You moved to the side to evade him, pushing any furniture objects to delay him. His body unnaturally twists and shifts in different directions to avoid and you're beginning to run out of ideas. You can hear Art banging on the door and shouting your name, tampering with the lock.

You run to your only possible exit route but something encases over your wrist. You are roughly pulled further from where Art is, feeling yourself being dragged towards the balcony.

"Stop! What the hell do you want from me!?" You dropped your weight to the floor.

"You'll find out if you come quietly with me!" His fist smacks your cheek harshly, but it wasn't hard enough to lose your consciousness. You glance at a glass cup on the table nearby and you immediately grab it, suddenly ramming it into your captor's face. The shards break against your palm and his head, piercing through your skin. His grip tightens on your wrist as he fights through the pain, but you repeatedly hit his affected area until his fingers weaken around you.

"Art! I'm opening the door!" In mere seconds, you unlock the door and pull it open, allowing the inspector in.

"Get back here!" You hear the flexible male growl and speed towards your back.

"Get down, __(l/n)-san!" You followed Art's instruction and a loud bang makes your body jolt slightly. You stay in your covered position and move only when you feel someone help you to your feet.

"You're hurt." Art frowns, noting the redness on your cheek and blood on your hand.

"I'm fine. It actually doesn't hurt."

"It will later. Let's get you to the hospital."

"But what about the-" Before you could turn your head, Art carefully faces your towards the door, guiding you outside. He didn't want you to see the body.

"Gasuke and the others will take care of it." Art knew you wouldn't react well to the corpse and wanted to avoid adding more fear in you. After calling the rest of the police force, he brings you to the nearest health facility where you could be properly treated.

"You're right, I'm starting to feel the pain now." You pouted while you and Art were waiting for the discharge papers from the doctor.

"The pain medication he gave you should work in a few minutes." He replies, seeing you alternate hands with the ice pack for your cheek to reduce swelling. With your bandaged hand, it was slightly difficult for you to hold the cold bag. He sits closer beside you, taking the small pouch and gently pressing it against the bruising area.


"You're welcome." He smiles slightly, mentally reviewing today's incident. "__(l/n)-san, there's something I need to ask of you."

"Sure, what is it?" You glance at the lilac haired man.

"Let's move in together."



[1] Apparently, Art's the director for the Yokohama Police Department.

[2] I have no idea if that's true or not ^^U
Akashi x Reader x Kuroko
Final: Kuroko x Reader


There was that annoying feeling again. The feeling that he got only when he was around you and Kuroko. His heart beats heavily and painfully against his ribcage, now understanding that you were becoming even more unreachable. He watches the boys congratulate the blue phantom and the girls admiring the symbol of Kuroko's commitment and love on your finger.

You and Kuroko invited your friends to your apartment for a party, deciding to surprise the gang of your engagement. You figured it would be easier to gather everyone in one place and announce it there. Akashi knew that you would be difficult to obtain, but now that Kuroko has officially claimed you as his lifelong partner, he truly felt defeated.



And even heart broken.

He had thought that yours and Kuroko's relationship wouldn't sustain and was waiting for that chance to make you his. The red head didn't think that Kuroko would have enough courage to ask you to marry him. But for the second time he has known him, Kuroko has proven the Emperor wrong again.

Akashi had left slightly early, formulating an excuse that he had an early meeting. He was not lying about a meeting, but the time would be in the afternoon. He fooled you and the others with fake smiles and interest, mingling with his friends in order to conceal his great irritation. He was growing tired of hearing almost every conversation being centered around you and Kuroko's wedding.

Honestly, why were they rejoicing as if you and Kuroko had become one? The wedding was still far away. Who knew what could happen in that time frame?

During his car ride home, his thoughts reflect back on you and your concern for the red head.

"Hey." Akashi hears your voice from behind as you walk to his side to join him on the balcony.


"There's still a lot of food left. Make sure you go back, ne?"

"Of course."

"Ne, Akashi-kun?"

"Yes?" He turns his full attention to you.

"Are you okay? You seem like...something is bothering you?"

"I'm fine and no, nothing is bothering me."

"I know you're lying." You gave him a slightly sad smile. His heart stops from your accurate observation, scolding himself for not being able to lie better to you. He didn't want to uncover his true feelings.

"Ah, you caught me." He chuckles lowly. "I've just been thinking about my work. That's all."

"Really? You don't normally worry about that."

"Well, it's been getting busy and deadlines are coming up, but I know I'll finish in time. Just when it all comes at once is annoying."

"I see. I know you're a great and hard worker, but remember to take a break once in a while, ne?" You knew there had to be something else, but maybe it was too personal for him to talk about. "We're always here for you if you ever needs us."

That encouraging smile, the way your eyes seemed to illuminate slightly from the moon's light, and your caring demeanor made his heart jump out of rhythm.

"I know. I'll make sure to reach out to you."

Only you.

You would be the one to see through him like that. It was only you that knew him possibly more than he knew himself.


He was less irritated after a week since your engagement party. Being far from everyone who constantly spoke about your upcoming wedding helped a lot.

Why the hell should he be content with someone stealing his happiness? Was he not the better choice? He would love and cherish you far more than Kuroko would. He could give you everything and anything.

True, Kuroko's career made enough to support the two of you and shower you with a few surprising gifts, but Akashi was much more successful. He could support you through the rest of your lives and even your children. He was always the best in everything; basketball, music, art, shogi, and academics. He is confident that he loves you more than the blue phantom.

Why be with a Prince when you can have an Emperor?

His quiet walk around town was interrupted by a series of barks and the feel of something against his legs. He looks down to find a black and white dog with eyes that reminded him of someone who he didn't wish to see.

"Nigou! That's not nice! You can't just run off like that!"

His eyes look ahead to spot you rushing towards his direction. He carefully contains the dog by holding onto his leash, presenting the rein when you were close enough.

"Akashi-kun, thank you!" You let out a sigh of relief, taking possession of yours and Kuroko's dog. "Sorry, he didn't do anything to you, ne?"

"No, he was simply saying hello." Despite not being fond of his eyes, Akashi still places his palm on Nigou's head.

"That's good."

"Where is Tetsuya?"

"He's visiting his sick aunt. He'll come back in a couple of days."

"You didn't go with him?"

"I would have, but I have a conflict with my work schedule."

"So it's just you?"

"Mhm! And Nigou."

Akashi notices both your hands are not only occupied with a couple bags of grocery, but one of them was also preventing Nigou from randomly running off.

"Let me help you." He offers his assistance, but doesn't let you answer. He takes the bags of groceries, still leaving you in charge of your pet.

"Thank you. I hope I'm not bothering you or anything."

"Stop that. You never bother me. Besides, I have the day off so I was just walking around the area."

"I see. Well, how about I make you dinner? I would feel terrible if I made you bring my groceries to my house and didn't give anything in return."

"You should get your memory checked." He shakes his head slightly. "All the years we have known each other, have I not made it clear that I would do anything for you?"

"I-I just don't want to seem like I'm taking advantage." The way he declared how much he regarded you disrupted your heart's regular rhythm. You knew you both were close and supportive friends, but it sounded something that only Kuroko would say to you.

"I know you aren't that type of person, but if you are offering dinner, then I accept."

"Thanks, Akashi-kun. Well, is there anything in particular you want to eat?"

"Anything is fine."


Akashi managed to persuade you to allow him to help you prepare dinner. He knew he wasn't going to be able to sit still in the living room by himself while waiting to be called. He wanted to be right beside you. Akashi wanted to have at least just a few moments of alone time with you. He doesn't get these often anymore since Kuroko claimed you as his.

"You finished cutting the scallions?" He hears you ask.

"Yes. Shall I put them in the pot now?"

"Mhm!" You were stirring a spoon into a side dish, making a sample of the broth before making a bigger portion. You gently tipped the dish towards your mouth, drinking a minimal amount of the extract. Your face immediately scrunched into a displeased look, Akashi chuckling at your amusing yet cute expression.

"I'm guessing the broth isn't ready?"

"Yeck! It taste horrible. I have to redo it."

"I'm sure it isn't that bad." He gently takes your wrist and steals a taste from the side dish. The sudden clash of odd ingredients are quickly rejected by his taste buds. The way he pulled his mouth from the broth and the crumpling of his unsatisfied face made you let out a small laugh.

"Your face was so funny yet adorable! Now, are you sure it doesn't that bad?"

"No. You're right. It tastes awful."

"Told you. Maybe I have to add less salt?" You went back to conjuring a new broth for the soup.

With lots of laughter filling the kitchen, Akashi wondered if this how he would have lived if he was chosen by you. Would his house be suffused with warmth, laughs, and love? Is this what it was like to not wake up alone? To not have any barriers and let his true self

"Sorry, Akashi-kun! Watch the pot for a bit? Someone's calling me." You heard your cellphone ringing loudly from the living room. He heard you answer and all thoughts of the life he wished he had was painfully ripped apart by reality.



"Hello, __(y/n). How are you?" Kuroko asks, using one hand to towel dry his baby blue hair.

"I'm doing great! Akashi-kun is here. He helped me with the groceries so I offered to make him dinner."

"Ah, is that so? Tell him I said 'hey' as well."

"I will. So, how is oba-chan?"

"She's still very sick. Tomorrow, we're going to bring her to a hospital that specializes in her condition."

"Oh no. I hope she gets better soon."

"I'm sure she will. She just needs lots of rest and proper care. But anyway, what are you having for dinner?"

"We're having some stew."

"Sounds good. I miss your cooking."

"Aw, then I'll make sure to make your favorite when you come back."

"I look forward to it." Kuroko plops himself on the bed, asking how your day was. Although concerned for is ill aunt, it felt strange without you there and so far away. He wished you came, but he didn't want you to compromise your job.

"...and then that's when I met up with Akashi." You finished your accomplishments for today.

"You know, I'm actually jealous."

"Eh? Why?"

"Because Akashi-kun is there with you."

"But...we would never do anything." He sensed your worried tone.

"No, I know. I trust you both and I didn't mean it like that. I meant that he's there with you, but I'm here. I just miss you, that's all."

"Tetsu-kun...I miss you, too. Nigou, too, but I miss you more."

"Woof!" Nigou barks in the background.

"Well, just a couple more days and I'll be home." He said, almost as if trying to encourage himself.

"Mm! And then we can officially start wedding planning. But, I have to go before I burn our dinner. I'll call you later?"

"Yes, I'll be up for a while."

"Okay, so I'll talk to you later. Bye, Tetsu-kun. I love you. Lots."

"Bye, ___(y/n). I love you more."

Before you could argue on who loves who the most, your fiancé had already hung up. He knew you would try to convince him otherwise. You pouted at how you were unable to respond, but you would get him back when he returns.


He was jealous of what Kuroko had. He hated how uninteresting and lonely his life was compared to Kuroko's. When you returned to the kitchen and began to set the table, a thought passed his mind.


"Yes?" You carefully placed the glass cups down before looking at your red headed friend.

"Close your eyes."


"Just do it. Please." You raise a brow at his command, but you knew he wouldn't give you an answer immediately.

"All right." Maybe he had a surprise that he wanted to show you? You wondered the rationale behind blocking your vision, not realizing how much closer his steps were becoming.

Once Akashi was within a certain range in front of you, he tilts his head down, targeting your lips.

"Wait." His half lidded eyes open at your voice. Your eyes were still closed, so he wondered why you stopped him. Did you know his plan?

"You're not going to try to scare me, are you? If you do, I will scream so loud that the neighbors are going to be calling the cops."

"No, of course not."

"Okay," You could feel his fingers gently cup under your chin as he continues to remove the space between the two of you. "I trust you."

Akashi pauses at your short sentence, your words pounding him with guilt.

'I trust you. He mentally repeats what you said. His other self had momentarily taken over, wanting badly to steal you away from Kuroko. At that moment, he didn't care about the consequences. All he cared was making you his Empress, but his conscience and your words managed to snap him from his greediness.

You trusted him. Trusted that he wouldn't do anything against your will. Despite wanting you for himself, he knew it wouldn't make you happy. The happiness you felt around him would never be the same with Kuroko. Only he could bring out your true smiles. Only he could make your heart thump with excitement.  

Akashi releases your chin as he returns the distance between you two. He knew he had to come up with an excuse for his actions, so he ran his fingers through your hair once.

"Okay, you can open them."

You blink a couple of times before looking at him, tilting your head to the side.

"I don't get it? What happened?"

"There was something in your hair." He lies.

"Really, what was it?"

"Just an insect."

"Eh!? A bug? What was it? Where is it? Is it still there?" You panicked.

"It's only a joke." He chuckles, trying to suppress his dejected mood. "It was lint from your sweater."

"Oh, okay." you sighed out of relief. "Anyway, let's eat?"

"Yes, let's." Akashi forces himself to pretend that he wasn't feeling torn into pieces.


"Ne, Akashi-kun, can you please give this to __(y/n)-chan? I have to see if the bridesmaids need any help." A cold water bottle is placed in his hand before he could give an answer. The pink haired female rushes off to where the rest of the girls were gathered, leaving Akashi to check up on you.

The successful business man knocks on the door of the bride's room, entering when permitted. He sees you give him a nervous smile, the red head handing the water bottle when you meet in the middle of the room.

"Thanks." You twist the cap off, taking a few sips before placing it down. You let out a loud sigh, walking around the room, glancing at the mirror, and even looking out the window.

"What's wrong?" He could feel your waves of anxiety crush him.

"I'm really scared, Akashi-kun."

"Why? The preparations are done. All there is left is to wait for the guests."

"I know, but, that's not it."

"Oh?" Were you having second thoughts? If so, he was ready to sweep you away and take you to where no one would bother the both of you.

"What if...what if Tetsu-kun changes his mind?"

'This is your chance. She isn't wrong. What if Tetsuya decides that the marriage life was not what he expected? If you agree with her, you could prove how worthy you are.'

He quickly banishes any tempting thoughts, closing his eyes to concentrate on a much better answer.

"He won't. Trust me."

"How do you know? I mean, marriage is for life! We'll be together for...well, forever! I don't mind, but what if he ends up not liking it? What if he falls in love with someone better? Or what if I fail as a wife? What if-"

"__(y/n), please calm down. You're going to make your anxiety worse." He places his hands on your shoulders to ease your concerns.

"Tetsuya loves you very much. He loves you so much that you were the one he asked to be his wife. If he didn't, why would he waste his time on this ceremony? You and I both know that Tetsuya is a very honest man. He would never play with your feelings that way. I can tell by the way he looks at you and the way he acts around you is different. It may not be obviously noticeable, but he isn't afraid to let his emotions go around you. There is no wall or barrier. Not only through his actions does he prove his love for you, but also verbally. You might not know it, but Tetsuya talks about you frequently when he is with us. All good things, I promise."

"He...does?" The worry that attacked you was beginning to wash away.

"Yes. __(y/n), do not doubt yourself. You are a beautiful, kind, and intelligent woman. Tetsuya is a very lucky man. I envy him. If he had not made a move, it would be you and I standing at that altar." He smiles sadly, tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.

"Eh?" Why did that comment make your heart stop suddenly?

"I'm just proving my point that any man would want to make you his wife."

"Thanks, Akashi-kun. This is a new experience for me so I'm not sure exactly on what to think or how to act."

"Just be yourself and be happy. That's all that matters. You'll have Tetsuya by your side so you aren't alone."

'You also have me...always have and always will.'  He kept the comment to himself when he notes the smile on your face at the name of your soon to be husband.

"You're right. Tetsu-kun is with me and I'm with him. Thank you so much, Akashi-kun. I feel a lot better."

"I'm glad." He sees that there is only a few minutes until the ceremony began and he carefully pulls you into an embrace.

"Oh! Umm..." You were caught off guard, but you transferred the bouquet of flowers carefully in one hand and your free arm wrapped around his torso. "Akashi-kun?"

You received silence as a response, Akashi holding you just a bit tighter. He knew that things would only continue to change between the two of you. Not that you would cease your friendship with the Emperor, but your lives will be different. He knows he won't see you as frequently since you'll be busy creating your own family.

"I'm happy for you." The red head finally replies then releases his hold. "Anyway, it's time. Are you ready?"

You dismiss any questions you had about Akashi's sudden hug and assumed it to be a friendly and encouraging embrace. Akashi moves to where he is suppose to be, leaving you with Momoi and the other bridesmaids.

The service felt long and painful to the Emperor. When you finally became Mrs. __(f/n) Kuroko, no amount of preparation soothed his breaking heart. Akashi knew you didn't love him as he loved you, but it still hurt.


"One more kiss?" you asked cutely, still craving Kuroko's taste even after you have sealed your promise to be his forever.

"Of course. I will give you as many as you like." Kuroko smiles happily, initiating another kiss to his lovely wife. Although he kept his mouth pressed against yours for a few seconds longer, he remembered that there was an audience waiting for the two of you to exit first.

"I love you." Kuroko plants a kiss on your cheek as you both walk down the aisle and towards the doors.

"I love you, too." Your face was glowing with pink and happiness, never having felt your entire being swell with so much positivity.


Akashi claps with the rest of the group after you and Kuroko share your first kiss as husband and wife. His face is kept neutral, trying to generate a smile on his lips. But it was hard to be happy when he is watching what was suppose to be his life with you be spent with another man.

As he turns to follow the crowd where you and Kuroko were, he catches his reflection in one of the windows. Akashi stares at himself, expecting to see crimson irises peering back at him, but instead, gold has dominated to his left eye once again.
Ughh! Knew I should've dressed warmer last night. T_T
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Message me for more details. 


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I'm selling my Kill la Kill, Ryuko, cosplay. :) It's her uniform version. I'm also selling it with her wig so it'll be a sort of a combo deal.

Message me for more details. 

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erishanaka Featured By Owner May 26, 2015   Writer
Thank you for the fav!!
(and wow that akashi x r/c x kuroko is beautiful)
2n31 Featured By Owner May 26, 2015
Thank you so much! <3 and you're welcome. 
Cane-the-artist Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your fics are really beautiful, I love how you tell stories, it's just that I can visualize everything perfectly, :heart:
2n31 Featured By Owner May 24, 2015
Thank you so much! You're so sweet <3
Cane-the-artist Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're very welcome, don't ever get tired of writing, :hug:
Heartshackles Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Hey, girl, help me out! After a strange turn of events, I will also be cosplaying Akashi during the upcoming convention (since my group has no Akashi and didn't tell me before). Well, the catch here is, they said we are doing casual wear. Are there any official pictures of Akashi in casual clothing? If not, well, any help with something that would fit his character as my to-be group said, would be awesome!

Since you're such a fan of him, I thought you might know. >___<
2n31 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015
Yes! There are! Not too many, but you can pretty much get away with anything. You can always go with basketball shorts and a teeshirt, but he mostly wears button ups with a blazer, tie, or vest? His clothes aren't fancy, but they're a bit more than casual? Semi-formal, I guess? So hard to describe! But you can tell when you browse through a couple of the pictures.… (My FAVE pic of him <3)…


Well, not really, but if you haven't read the new Kuroko manga, there's a page with Akashi in regular clothes. I didn't want to possibly spoil anything for you. But it's basically what he wears as above.…

But honestly, I think if you have the hair and with a group, people will recognize you. Anyway, just have fun with it! <3 Please make sure to upload some of your Akashi cosplay! I want to see them! Even if they're just progress photos! :p 

Hehe, I hope I was able to help! Girl, you know I'd know about these things for Akashi. Haha. I <3 him too much. ^^U Akashi Stripping Icon Akashi Looks Icon Akashi Smirking Icon Akashi Looks Icon Akashi Icon Akashi Talking Icon 
Heartshackles Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Well, I knew out of my friendlist, you were the person to approach with an issue like this. :XD: I was thinking a possibly short sleeved (summer, heat, death) dress shirt in either red or orange color since I can't legit do white because of massive boob bindings... and a sleeveless, possibly black or white hoodie that I might modify. Not too formal, not too casual. Perhaps pair them with jeans or black pants, that I will shop from the men's aisles. :XD: Thanks for the help, puts my mind more at ease. :heart: Too much stress to do another cosplay in a month... Still need to order my wig and hope it makes it in time... >__<
2n31 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015
Hehe, anything you'll wear, I'm sure it'll be fine! ;) I'm glad I could help! <3 Let me know if you need anything. 
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ReinaHart Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG your fanfictions are amazing. I love your Aomine x reader x Kagami. I love it so much, I hope you will continue it.
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