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Kagami, Taiga X Reader X Aomine, Daiki

Chapter 1: Mine

NOTE: This is a random Touou game that everyone decided to watch. Just to let everyone know so they won't be confused. Enjoy! :)

"Quit butting in! This is none of your business!" The roar of a Touou student echoed throughout the gymnasium. Those leaving look at the tanned skinned, blue haired boy before ignoring him and exiting to go home. The Touou basketball team says nothing and doesn't interfere between the arguing couple.

"If it concerns your health, I will make it my business!" You snapped back, hands on your waist to indicate your frustration. "Look at your leg! It's shaking already! You've overexerted yourself. You've been having frequent games with pretty tough opponents and you haven't given yourself enough time to rest. You might be a great player, but you aren't invincible. Your body has its limits also."

"You aren't a doctor!"

"I know I'm not, but I don't need to go to med school to tell when you've had enough."

"I'm fine, ___(y/n)! It just fell asleep or something."

"Daiki-kun, how the hell can your leg fall asleep while you're running around?" You gave him a look of disbelief before turning.

"Where you going?"

"I'm telling the coach that you need to get your leg checked out."

"Hell no! Don't you dare!" Daiki knew that if he was to be seen by the doctor, he would miss out on a few games and the next opponent was another highly recognized team. He could not afford to be absent.

"Coach! Daiki-kun needs to get his leg checked. I think there might be something wrong."

"And what would that be?" Touou coach glances at their Ace.

"Don't listen to her! I'm fine!"

"Well, if he says he's okay..." The older male shrugs, gathering his papers which were filled with today's player stats.

"Hmmm. Okay, sure. Let him play a few more games, you're right, he probably doesn't need to be seen by anyone. But God forbid he injuries himself during a game and is sent to the ER and evaluated by a doctor and wonder why no one noticed his leg before his symptoms got worse. Of course Daiki-kun will be asked what he did and what does he do the most? Basketball. Then they'll have to do this whole big investigation and find out who's liable then someone might get fired...but yeah, your judgement is probably right. I'm sure Daiki-kun's gonna be fine the next game and not hurt himself."

The coach freezes slightly at the potential thought of becoming responsible for one of his player's health, "Aomine, you're not playing till you get a clearance from your doctor."

"What!? Are you serious? You're really going to listen to her?"

"If there isn't anything wrong, then you shouldn't worry, right? Anyway, start heading home before it gets too late." The coach nods his good-bye to the team, bringing his belongings and papers.

"Look at what you're doing! You're causing unnecessary trouble!" Daiki sends you a hard look before pointing to his pink haired childhood friend, "Oi, Satsuki, did you say something to __(y/n)? Did you tell her to say all these annoying things?"

"What? No!" Satsuki jumped at his accusation, holding the clipboard closer to her chest.

"Leave her out of this! She didn't say anything. You heard what Coach said. If you don't have any pain or trouble with your leg, then you can easily get a medical clearance after your visit."

"Kuso!" Out of his frustration he pushes one of the chairs with his foot, now alerting his teammates and your friends who accompanied you. The tall boy can already predict the outcome of his physician's visit and he refuses to admit that he is prone to injuries. He knows that his doctor will prescribe rest for a couple of weeks. He cannot have that! The next opponents are people he wants to play against! He starts demanding for their coach to allow him to participate in the upcoming matches.

"Aomine! Calm down!" Wakamatsu steps beside him while Imayoshi takes the free side.

"Not until I talk to coach!"

"He's probably already in his car!"

"If you stop bugging me, I'll catch up to him!"


The Seirin Basketball Team watch from their seats the commotion between their friend and her boyfriend. You were currently dating Aomine, Daiki, having been together since last year when you were in Teiko Middle School. Although you two weren't attending the same high school, you were glad to have your two friends, Kuroko and Kagami, with you in Seirin. You knew Kuroko in middle and Kagami, you've known him since elementary.

"Back off both of you!" Daiki pulls his arm roughly away from Imayoshi's grasp.

"Daiki-kun, stop it! You need to relax!" You frown, putting out your hands to try and pacify your angry boyfriend.

"I don't want to hear it from you! You're the one who started this! You're messing up everything!" He still doesn't show signs of decreasing belligerent activity.


Aomine's behavior concerns Kuroko, his friends turning their gazes to him when he stands.

"Kantoku, I'll be back." He says before rushing down the steps that led to the court with Kagami following closely behind the sixth phantom player.

"Aomine-kun, you're taking it too far." The blue haired boy hears Kuroko interrupt. His sudden appearance doesn't surprise him, used to his little presence and too angry to react. "She's only trying to help you."

"Hah? Help? She's meddling in things that doesn't concern her!"

"Your health does concern me! I'm not doing this to make you unhappy! Trust me, I'd want you playing, but not at the cost of you risking an injury! If you play and get hurt, then you might be out for an entire season! I'm doing this because I care for you!"

Aomine doesn't respond as he is pacing forward and backwards, almost as if debating to walk out or stay. He then adjusts his duffel bag strap on his shoulder, taking one step towards you.

"Forget it. I'm going! I'm tired of this! If this is your way of caring, then it's just a pain! So from now on we won't be wasting our time because I don't want or need this! I don't need you!" You easily interpreted his indirect termination of yours and his relationship. His words painfully squeezed and pierced through your heart, delivering him an angry and hurt stare.

"No," you also limit the distance between you two, "You just can't handle the fact that someone could care for you far more better than how you could by yourself."

Everything Daiki did, he compared it with others but his final thoughts would always revolve around him. 'The only one who could beat me, is me'. That sentence was instilled in his mind for a very long time and had become adjusted to that way of thinking. He concluded that no one could do anything better than him, even when it came to loving or caring for himself.

"You'll regret the choice you've made, Daiki-kun." He hears your voice becoming strained from holding back the need to cry. Your __(e/c) irises are filmed over with tears as your facial muscle tremble slightly from the impending sob that is trying to be released. You inhaled quickly once, fiddling with a particular jewelry.

"All you'll ever have is your basketball," You carefully take his hand, returning the jewelry gift he had given to you last year. You then gasp a small breath, finishing your sentence with a slightly cracked whisper, "and an empty heart."

Daiki felt his heart pulsate heavily at your hurt expression, the returned present also weighing down his palm it was placed in. His cold stare doesn't falter and you look away when your bottom lip quivers at his lack of emotion. You turn to grab your bag, your footsteps breaking the now silent and vacant gym until you pass through the doors. The two remaining girls in the building wipe their wet eyes, almost as if feeling what their female comrade was going through.

Kagami's eyes darken as he assumes a punching position with one leg advancing towards Aomine. Kuroko places his hand over his fist, preventing the action from occurring.

"Think, Kagami-kun. Think about the consequences and how this will affect __(y/n)-chan."

As much as he agreed with Kagami's feelings, he knew punishment would follow if he allowed the red head to continue. Daiki caught the two, raising a brow and grinning.

"What? You wanna fight? Wanna punch me or something? Go ahead, I got some time." Daiki's anger still doesn't dissipate, finding that he was more irritated than before.

But why?

"Oh you have no idea how much it would make my entire week if I could punch you, but I'd rather settle it on the court." Suspension would be issued if he was caught fighting with another school, so instead, he'll make Aomine pay for every tear that left your eyes through basketball.

"Fine with me. Let's see if you can beat me."

Their exchanging glares intensifies the air until Riko calls Kagami and Kuroko to head home. There was not one single person who did not call or text you, clearly worried if you made it home all right. You all went together to the game, but now you left without them. As if sensing their apprehension, you responded to all your basketball friends through text.

'Hi, sorry, I just saw this now. I'm fine. I'm at home now, thanks for asking. I'll see everyone on Monday!'
The gang were relieved that you still weren't out on the streets, but they knew you weren't okay. After what Aomine did, it was going to take time before you were better.


"Where are you going? Home is this way." Satsuki asked her long time friend, watching him walk in a different direction.

"Just leave me alone!" The need for his voice to be used felt bothersome and all he wanted was to be by himself. The red eyed girl frowned at his agitation, but knew where it originated from.

"Fine. At least tell me when you get home so that way I know you didn't get into trouble."

He continues to walk away, letting his feet control his path which bring him to a basketball park. He decides to shoot for a while, needing to organize his thoughts but they all pertain to you. Daiki dribbles his ball a few times before throwing it to the net and finding it bounce off the rim. He lets out a small growl, attempting the same move but received the same results. Aomine then winces at a sharp and tense pain in his leg, forcing him to drop the ball. He remembers your warning about pushing past his limits and clenches his jaw, rejecting the fact that you were right.

'Screw this.' He picks up his ball and duffel bag before returning to his house.


The morning and afternoon practice had just ended, Kagami's body feeling the pain from Riko's crazy workout.

'Taku, that woman's the devil!'

While everyone had gone home, he decided to snack on something at Maji Burger to replenish his lost energy. He felt something wet hit his cheek and then his hands, indicating the change in weather. The rain started out light, but it began to grow heavy as the minutes pass. He ran to the fast food restaurant, attempting to stay as dry as possible. The red head sprints by the basketball courts and notices someone sitting on the metal bleachers, not seeking shelter from the weather. Their face was covered in their hands, but he recognizes their handbag. He changes direction to where the stranger is, approaching them slowly. He watches their shoulders shake, their head now lowering closer to their knees.

"__(y/n)?" Kagami stands before the person, waiting for a response.

Your trembling shoulders stop, separating your face from your hands as you heard a voice call out your name. You looked ahead to see a familiar Seirin student. Kagami's heart almost ceased function at your appearance. Your eyes blinked out a few tears although it was now being washed away from the rain. Your hair was becoming drenched and sticking to your red cheeks. He hated how miserable you felt, but no matter what expression you wore, you were always beautiful to him.

Kagami saw you try to give an explanation, but he already knew the source of your grief. He walked to the bleachers, setting his bag beside yours and sat closely behind you, caging you with his arms and legs. You feel him embrace you tightly, his face close to your ear.

"Whenever you're ready, __(y/n)." He couldn't tell you to stop crying or stop being depressed. You needed this. You needed to vent out your feelings even if it had to be done through your tears. You understood that Kagami wasn't leaving, comforting you until you felt like moving. You wanted to tell him that he didn't have to stay and that he'll become soaked if he didn't find a dry place, but you couldn't tell him that. Your heart felt warmer at his gesture and it lessened your pain slightly.

"Taiga-kun..." you sobbed out his name, gripping gently on his forearms and resting your forehead on them. He doesn't say anything, letting you finish releasing your emotions, but keeps himself close to the girl he has been slowly falling for. You don't take long in the rain, not wanting to burden Taiga and your eyes were sore from the constant crying. The rain continues to pour, the winds pick up, and thunder makes itself known which leads the both of you rushing to Kagami's apartment. Its proximity made it an ideal haven from the impending storm. You took off your shoes by the door, Kagami doing the same then quickly went to find two towels. He handed you one and the other was used for himself. You placed the item over your shoulders, patting your face dry and then the rest of your body.

"Kuso, it's really pouring out!" Kagami was roughly rubbing his towel against his hair until he felt a pair of hands over his. He sees you on your toes, giving him a small smile.
"Thank you." You pulled down his head carefully so you could better hug the much taller male. His cheeks heat up slightly from your sweetness then muttered,

"It's no big deal."

He feels your arms shiver against his neck and immediately offers you his bathroom and spare clothes while your wet attire was in the dryer. Kagami showered and changed after you, feeling much more comfortable with his house clothes.

"Thanks for lending me your shirt."
"No problem, but where are the shorts I gave you?"

"They were too big and they kept falling off so I just wore this." You then looked down, holding out your arms slightly, "It kinda feels like a dress."

You laughed a bit, Kagami staring at your exposed legs and found that he liked you donning on his clothes.

"Hmmm? Nani?" You tilted your head, blinking innocently cute at him.

"N-nothing." He coughed, turning his flushed face away from you.

"Anyway, I'll go home after my clothes dry."

"In this weather?" Kagami looks outside, noting mother nature raging at the world.

"Maybe it'll pass soon? Let's check the news." You suggested and Kagami grabs the remote to turn on the TV. He changed it to the weather channel and you both read the big, red flashing words on the screen,

Severe Weather Alert!

You listen to the weather man report of high, strong winds and possible flooding in the area. He had also advised everyone to stay at home while the storm passes which would be hours later.

"Well, I'm definitely not letting you go after that. Anyway, I'll get dinner started." Kagami turns off the TV and walks to the kitchen.

"Do you need any help?"

"No, I'm fine. I won't take long." He tells you to relax and wait, but you decide to use this time to inform your family of where you are. Once you've finished talking with your family, you went to help set up and place food on the table.

"Itadakimasu!" You and Kagami clapped your hands together lightly before picking up a few bites of your meal.

"God, I'm starving!" Kagami was eating at a high pace, stuffing his cheeks until they looked swollen. You giggled at his adorable image, continuing to eat in your regular speed. Since Kagami cooked, you cleaned the dishes once all the food disappeared.

"Wanna watch some TV?"

"Sure." You nod, plopping on the couch beside him. You hear him compare television shows from America and Japan, Kagami recommending you a few to watch. Before you could write a note to yourself, your ringtone sings loudly to notify you of a call. You look at the caller ID, confused by the name that is contacting you.

"Moshi, moshi?"

"It's me."

"Daiki-kun? Did something happen?" You didn't know why you answered, but you did just in case it involved one of your friends. Kagami looks at you as soon as you mention Aomine's name then pretended to not be interested in your conversation.

"Your family is asking me where you are."

"What? But I told them that I was at a friend's house a couple hours ago."

"They probably forgot or something. Anyway, I'll just call them back."

"Sorry about that. They still don't know about us so I'll tell them when I get back home." When the two of you were dating, your family would call Aomine every time they couldn't get in touch with you.

Somehow, the way you mentioned how you two weren't together anymore made Aomine pause. It felt very foreign to him.

"It's whatever. Just tell me where you are and I'll give them the message."

"Thank you, but it's okay, I can do it."

"I said I'll do it so just accept me doing you a favor."

"You sound like this is some kind of burden. They're my family so I'll talk to them. You don't have to worry about it."
"Stop being complicated and just tell me. You're gonna forget and they'll call and bother me again."
You sent a glare to your direct line of vision, becoming annoyed and slightly irritated at Aomine's response.

"Fine! Since you're so concerned, I'm at Taiga-kun's apartment. It's up to you if you still want to tell them but either way, I'm sending a text. Now have a good night, Aho-mine!"

"Hah?! What the--Aho-mine? Oi-"


You immediately hung up, your mood was easily read by Kagami and he knew to keep quiet in fear of upsetting you more. You finished texting your parents of you whereabouts and that you were still safe.

"That Aho-mine!"

"What happened?" Kagami asked, showing his willingness to allow you to vent to him if needed.

"I don't get him! He's basically complaining that my family is calling him to see where I am. If he doesn't want to be bothered, then he doesn't have to answer! Or he could just tell them to talk to me directly. I also don't get how my parents forgot that I'm at your house. Ugh, I don't know anymore. Anyway, what were those American shows you were recommending me to watch?"

"Oh, right. Well, you should watch The Walking Dead." He continues from where you both lost the conversation. It made sense to Kagami why Aomine had called you. It wasn't because your family told him to. That was a lie. Aomine was worried about you.[1]


Aomine was staring widely at the floor, his bottom meeting with the edge of the bed.

You were at Kagami's house? What business did you have there? Although he got his answer of your location, he didn't like whose house you were taking shelter at. It felt so weird. It felt very...wrong! He lets out a frustrated growl at his confusing feelings, laying fully on his bed. A flash of your teary face creeps into his mind and he erases the image immediately.

Why was he feeling like this?


It was the beginning of another new month and you were feeling much better after the break up. Your friends and family were very supportive and reminded you every day of how much you were loved. Although you and Aomine had not spoken after that night, the lack of contact slightly help you forget about the pain. Yeah, it sucked how the two of you cut off ties from one another, but it wouldn't help if you were constantly reminded of him. Besides, there was something about him that he needed to fix in himself. Aomine changed drastically last year and you were trying your hardest to figure out how to bring back his old smile. But now you realized that it was up to him to change. And the person who also helped you get through this the most was Seirin's powerful Ace, Kagami, Taiga.

Kagami knew everything about you and Aomine, from how he was never this cold to how dead your relationship was for a long time. You only stayed thinking you could salvage what was left, but in your heart, could you truly say you loved him? Yes, you had feelings for him, but they didn't run as deep as you thought they did and you knew he didn't feel that strongly for you either. It just took a while to realize it as well as a single event to break the two of you. Ah, well, you were still young and you had a lot to learn when it comes to love.

Thinking about the break up didn't hurt as much anymore. You talked so much about it with your friends and family to a point where it exhausted you! You were ready to move forward and just enjoy life!

"Good thing our teacher isn't here next period." You say to Kagami, your current partner for home economics.

"Yeah, but it sucks how we have to sacrifice our lunch time." He starts bringing out a set of ingredients from the cabinets.

"At least sensei is giving us a chance. She could've have failed us if she wanted to."

You and Kagami had to make a dessert that incorporated both yours and your partner's favorite flavors as a cooking project. She had particular guidelines she wanted you to follow which made the project a little complicated. Due to yours and Kagami's busy schedule, you had forgotten to complete this assignment. However, thankfully, sensei was kind enough to let you borrow the classroom during lunch and whatever free time you had. She was giving you until 4 pm today to present your project.

"I think we can start preheating the oven. What ingredients did you put so far?" You glance into the mixing bowl Kagami was holding.

"Eggs, butter, sugar, milk, and some water. I think there's a little bit of salt in here, too."

"Cool, now all we add is the flour." You added two cups while Kagami dispersed the white powder carefully. A mischievous idea pops into your mind as you grabbed the container of frosting, scooping a big portion onto you finger before dragging it down Kagami's cheek.


You hummed to yourself, paying no mind to him as you apply oil to the cooking pan so the cake would be easy to remove.

"Oh yeah?" Kagami takes the same frosting from his cheek and returns the gesture.


You take another scoop of frosting, spreading it down his face. He then grabs your wrist, pulling you to him as he rubs his head into your neck.

"Kyaa!" You laugh at the tickling and sticky sensation. While his head was down, you grabbed a handful of fresh cut fruit and place it under his shirt. You gently smacked your hand against his back, compressing produce until they became a soft texture.

"Gaah!" He straightens up at the dampness. He reacts quickly, grabbing the mixing bowl and hovers it over your head. Your eyes widen slightly as you attempt to divert the bowl elsewhere but you two are now engaged in a push battle. You were on your toes, pushing against his forearms so that he wouldn't be able to move.

"Go ahead, Taiga-kun. Try it." You grin as you press yourself against him closely, knowing if he tipped over that bowl, he would be caught in the waterfall of ingredients. He blushes slightly at the feel of your chest against his, but that doesn't stop him from achieving his revenge! Suddenly, he loses grip and the contents spill on both you and the basketball player.

"Kuso!" Kagami curses as you just laugh, wiping away the batter from your forehead. He still doesn't feel satisfied as he grabs a can of whipped cream and aims it for you. You choose a chocolate syrup as your weapon, squeezing the sweets towards his way. You needed more ammo and attempt to grab the bag of flour. Kagami takes three big steps to you and wrestles with you for the flour.

"I saw it fiiiirst!" You pouted, hugging the bag close to you.

"Just because you saw it doesn't mean it's automatically yours." Kagami is behind you, reaching carefully from underneath to claim the powdery substance. During your tug of war, the sac rips apart and its contents spread through the air, covering your section of the room. When your eyes met, you laughed at one another's appearance, deciding to end the food battle. You two had to clean up before you'd get in trouble! Kagami walks towards the sink to wash off his face, but something under his foot causes him to tip forward.

"Watch!" You place yourself in front of him, intervening before he met the floor. Kagami blinks at the sudden stop, clearly surprised by your quick reaction.

"You okay?" Kagami hears you ask and he looks up, about to answer, but due to his current posture, the distance from your faces was very short. He becomes drawn by those beautiful, __(e/c) hue, unfazed by the white powder pressed against your face. You stare in silence, your hearts racing at how little space your lips had. One small movement could send the two of you in a whirlwind of various emotions. Your eyes and hearts were speaking to one another, Kagami silently telling you how much he wanted to be yours. How he wanted to be what Aomine couldn't and fix what he had broken. Because his heart knew that yours was still scarred and needed more than a simple band-aid. You needed love and he would give you his entire being if you were wiling to take him. He's never been in love nor has he ever wanted a girl like this, but maybe this was it? This was the first time for his heart to react the way it did around you.

No, maybe it wasn't love yet because that took time to develop and he was still a high school basketball idiot. Whether it was a crush or true love, Kagami wanted to be your boyfriend.

He opened his mouth to express what was on his mind, but a different voice came out instead.


You and Kagami blinked, knowing that this particular pitch did not match either of yours. Since you heard it from behind, you turned your head and let out a short yelp.

"Kyaa!" You saw an average sized figure a couple feet from you, all covered in white but what stood out to you were those big, light blue eyes.

"Ghost! Stay behind me!" Kagami carefully maneuvers you closely in back of him. "Rin! Byou! Tou! Sha!" One hand makes hand signs, moving it to the left, right, up and down. "Kai! Jin! Retsu!" [2]

"W-what are you doing?" You question Kagami's sanity.

"An exorcism spell!"

"Kagami-kun, I'm not a ghost." You tilt your head to the side slightly, finally recognizing the voice.


"Hai." He nods, dusting off the flour from his face and hair.

"Teme....why did you do that?!" Kagami grabs him by the front of the shirt.

"I have been here for a while trying to call you, but you two were busy playing with food."

"Oh my God, sorry! I didn't hear you." You apologized, smiling sheepishly at the invisible player.

"It's all right. I came to let you know that the substitute teacher will mark you absent if you don't show to class. He said you have to complete the assignment before you can continue other projects."

"I see. Thanks, Kuroko-kun! Let him know we'll be there soon. We just have to clean up."

You search through the nearby closet to find a broom, but nearly jump again at a shriek.

"__(l/n), __(f/n) and Kagami, Taiga! What the hell happened here?!" You and Taiga find the home economics teacher by the door, looking appalled and furious. You weren't able to explain yourselves, the teacher accepting no excuses for the disorder in her classroom. She had to report the two of you to the principal so that he would deliver your punishment. They both were clearly disappointed in your actions, not expecting this particular behavior to come from the both of you. They didn't scold you for too long, understanding that you were still kids, but that didn't mean they would allow it next time. Your punishment was to accept an F for the dessert project, clean all of the first years' classrooms, write a reflection paper which was due tomorrow, and clean Seirin High's outdoor swimming pool. You didn't argue about the failed assignment, especially knowing that she had already given you a chance to compensate for its lateness. Ah, well, you could bring your grades up before the semester ended.

You and Kagami notified your coaches that you would be unable to attend today's practice before cleaning the classrooms. There were other students present who received the same punishment as you, which made the workload less of a burden.

"Finally! We're done!" Taiga throws the used paper towel into the garbage, scanning the room for anymore filth. "Yosh! I can still make it to practice!" He checks the time on his phone.

"Do you still have practice, too? If we end at the same time, I'll walk you home."

"Taiga-kun...we haven't cleaned the pool yet." You felt bad for reminding him, but he would be in even more trouble if he didn't complete his tasks.

"Damnit!" He mumbled before the two of you walked to your last project. Upon arrival there were a number of equipment left in the pool and floor. Leaves and flower petals were scattered in the water and the starting boards by the edge of the pool were stained with dirty footprints. You grabbed the net hanging by the fence, starting with removing the swim gear. Kagami began to scrub the diving boards, working quickly in order to attend at least one hour of practice.

"Woof! Woof!" You saw Nigou by the fence, barking happily at you and Kagami.

"Nigou!" You smile placing the net down and opening your arms to welcome the tiny puppy. He quickly ran to you and you instantly showered him with affection.

"Aw, you are so cuuute! Were you tired of watching the boys practice, huh? Or did you miss me, huh? Or maybe it's Kagami-kun you missed?" You gently scratched underneath his jawline, the puppy letting out a satisfied growl. "Do you wanna say hi to Kagami-kun?"

Nigou yipped once before strolling over to the cynophobic teen.

"O-o-oi! Why are you here Nigou? Shouldn't you be with Kuroko?" Kagami stood straight, attempting to create space between him and the dog.


"Gah!" Kagami took a big step back, surprised by his bark.

"Aw, Taiga-kun, he wants to play!"

"I-I-I don't!"

"He's so small, he wouldn't do anything to you! Besides, Nigou is a good and sweet dog!"

"I d-don't care! I just don't want to get bit again!"

Nigou happily runs around Taiga, encouraging the basketball nut to play with him. He kept barking and dashing around his feet and between his legs.

"G-go away! S-stop that, Nigou!"

Taiga made a step to the side, but his eyes widened when he felt his foot lacking support. His leg began to dip downward and then the rest of his body began to follow.

"Tai-kun!" You reacted immediately, grabbing his arm in hopes of saving him from becoming drenched. However, due to his height and weight, you were dragged with him.

"Yabe!" You and Taiga were now being enveloped in the water's embrace.

Kagami opened his eyes to assess his surroundings and instantly saw you above him, sinking closer to the boy. __(e/c) met again with wine colored orbs again and Taiga felt an acute burst of confidence, thrill, and passion. You give him a small smile, arms about to encase him to lift him to the surface, but Kagami made a bold move.

Instead it was his arms around you, one over your waist and the other behind your head. His lips locked with yours, causing you to freeze momentarily. Your mind was questioning the present situation, but your heart knew exactly what to do. You placed your hands on his cheeks, pressing a bit closer to him. The small contact sent a tingling sensation starting from your stomach and eventually radiating throughout the rest of your limbs. Your heart was dancing wildly in your chest as a smile starts to stretch your lips.

However, your lungs couldn't withstand any more seconds without air so you were forced to pull away. Kagami and you rushed to the surface, deeply inhaling fresh oxygen. The red head was trying to control his breathing as well as his heart, shocked that you kissed him back. He had hoped for the best, but also prepared for the worse and he was glad he took the risk. He was grinning at the blush adorning your beautiful face, very satisfied with what's he done.

"__(y/n), I-" Kagami was cut off by Nigou's yip and a sudden splash in between you two.

"N-n-nigou!" You gasped, having seen the puppy charge towards you.

"Why you little-!" Your admirer was a little annoyed at the interrupted mood, but too afraid to swim around the hyper puppy.

"What is going on?!" Your heads snap towards the entry way, finding one of the teachers on detention duty.

"A-ah, sensei! W-we can explain!" You and Kagami swim towards the edge of the pool to properly speak to the teacher. Nigou was helped out by you and you secured the soaked canine in your arms. You explain how everything was an accident and that you were only trying to save Kagami from falling.

"Hmmm..." The teacher looks at the three of you before letting out a sigh. "All right, but make sure to keep the dog away from the pool. Continue with cleaning. I'll be back to bring you some spare uniforms and towels."

"Hai! Arigato!" You and Kagami bowed to the wiser male, your shoulders relaxing from the slight tension. You were worried that he didn't believe your story and assume you were just fooling around. You did NOT want any more punishments for the rest of the year. While you and Kagami were cleaning the area, Nigou returned to his owner and the teacher placed the apparel hanging on the fence. A total of two hours was spent by the pool, causing you to officially miss practice.

"You...wanna get something to eat?" Kagami asks once you both changed into dry clothes and finally leaving school.

"Sure! Where do you want to eat?"

"Anywhere is good. You pick."

"Maybe ramen?" You suggested a place that was simple yet not too quick paced like a fast food restaurant.

"That sounds great! I'm starving." He pats his empty stomach, mouth watering at what type of menu would be presented to him. You went to the nearest restaurant, being immediately seated due to the small amount of customers. When the waiter came to take your order, you went first and then Kagami. You blink at the amount Kagami was ordering, finding that he read one page of the menu!

"And can we keep one menu here just in case we wanna order more?" He asks, setting aside the menu. The waiter looked just as shocked, wondering how he could eat all that food in one sitting.

"Sure, the food will take a few minutes but I'll bring out your drinks first." The server says before leaving.

"Wow, you really are hungry."

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm starving. I still have to decide what I want for my main course." He picks up the menu again and you stare at him in disbelief.

'Don't tell me everything he ordered just now was an appetizer!?'

Although you spent a little over two hours in the restaurant due to Kagami's bottomless stomach, you had a wonderful time with him. It was the first time in a while where the two of you were alone and not talking about your ex.

"Taiga-kun, you really didn't have to pay for my dinner, too." You pouted up at him as the both of you walked around town for a bit. "I should've been the one to pay since I technically started that food fight and got us in trouble."

"No way! You ordered so little! Besides, no one was at fault for that."

"You sure? Well at least let me buy dessert."

Kagami was about to protest, going to offer to buy the treats, but you continuously refused. When you arrived at an ice cream shop, Kagami made sure to control his appetite.

"You sure that's all you want?" You asked once settled with your orders and sit outside on a bench.

"Yeah, I'm good. Thanks." He held up his huge sundae waffle cone bowl before taking a bite.

"You can tell me if you want more." You giggled.

"Nah, I'm fine, really. Let me finish this first and I'll let you know if I want more."

"All right." You nod, taking a bite out of your own sweet treat. "Thanks for everything, Taiga-kun. Especially with the know. You made things so much easier for me and stayed by my side. So, if there is anything you want or need, please don't hesitate. You listened and practically did everything for me and I want to do the same for you. Don't hold back, ne?"

"You really don't need to thank me. I did it because I wanted to." He then gives you a small smile, "Ja, if you say it like that, then I won't hold back anymore."

Kagami leans over and lightly pecks the side of your lips. You feel the coolness from the ice cream, but the kiss left your face and entire body burning.

"I like you." His eyes stare into yours to display his seriousness. "And if you feel you're ready to have a big idiot like me then I'd be more than happy to be taken." He chuckled slightly.

You hide a giggle behind your hand before nodding, "Yes, I'll take you, but it'll cost you one thing."

"What's that?"

"A kiss!" You winked.

"Just one? Well, I can give you as many as you like." He smirked as one arm snakes around your waist, continuously pecking all over your cheeks, chin, forehead, nose, jawline, and neck.

"T-taiga-kun!" You laughed, trying to stabilize your ice cream in your hand. He stopped after a while, but never left his arm from your body.

"Sorry I didn't ask you out in a better situation or place, but I didn't want to hide it anymore."

"I don't mind. As long as your feelings are true, then it doesn't matter where you ask me."

You finished your ice creams before it completely melted and began to walk home. Taiga held your bag and let you hold onto his arm as he guided you to your house.

"What are you gonna do tomorrow?" It was the weekend so that meant no school for two days! Yay!

"Basketball, but other than that, I have no other plans. What about you?"

"Practice in the morning and I'll go to the park afterwards, but in the afternoon I'm pretty much free."

"I see. You wanna watch a movie tomorrow night?"

"Sure! I'd like that."


As the two of you discussed tomorrow's date, there was a particular Touou student who caught the new couple walking across the street from him. He glared at the closeness, questioning their relationship.

What the hell was this? Why were you so damn close to Kagami? Aomine noticed Kagami carrying both your schoolbags with one hand, but what got him extremely annoyed was your arm linked with his. It wasn't unusual for you to do that with your friends, but with Kagami and that look he was giving you, it pissed him off.
He watched the pair walk further down the block before pulling out his cellphone and dialing his overprotective sister.

"Oi, Satsuki. What the hell is going on with __(y/n) and Kagami?"


'Okay, two more quick runs around the park before I go home, do some cleaning, laundry, shower, nap, eat a little bit, and get ready for the movies. Oh wait, what should I wear? Dress? Jeans? Shorts? Is it gonna be cold later? And my hair, too! Leave it up? Down? I wanna look good, but I don't want to over do it. Hmmm...' Your thoughts were scattered everywhere, distracting you momentarily from your exercise. You had practice an hour ago and didn't feel like being inside the house yet. It was beautiful out! Might as well enjoy the day because the times you DID want to go out, it rained. You stood by the park entrance, allowing your body to cool down before leaving for home. You placed your hands on your hips, arching your spine slightly as you tilt your head back. You closed your eyes as you inhaled and exhaled, taking control of your breathing.

"Yo. It's been a while since I saw you like this...all hot and bothered." You felt an arm over your shoulder and your eyes opened immediately, catching the face of a person who you were not expecting to see. He leans down to capture your lips, but you move away quickly, giving him a confused expression.

"What's with that face?" He frowns.

"D-daiki-kun! What are you doing here?"

"I was taking a walk and I saw you. Thought I'd drop by to say hello since you've been ignoring me, which I don't think is very nice of you, __(y/n)-chan." He takes a step forward, grinning slightly. "Has someone been distracting you from me?"

"You haven't said anything to me for months so why should I be the one to start a conversation? Besides, there isn't anything to say."

"Well, I got something to say." He bounces his basketball once before letting it rest on his hip. "You're still mine so you better stop acting all lovey dovey with Kagami."

"I'm not your girlfriend anymore. We broke up months ago, remember? And who I date shouldn't matter to you...I'm sure you have other things you're more concerned about."

"Oh c'mon, we got into a little fight. So what? You act like we've never fought before."

"We never fought like that! You made it clear that you didn't want me anymore. You didn't talk to me months after, so it was obvious you didn't give a crap."

"Thought I'd give you some time to cool off. I know how you are when you get angry."

"What are you trying to imply? That I started this mess? Listen, Aomine, you-"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. I don't care who's at fault. The point is that you're still mine. I don't think we've ever discussed about you getting close to Kagami."

"We have nothing to discuss. Why does it matter if I'm seeing Taiga-kun?" You just confirmed what Satsuki couldn't. He had called his childhood friend to see what she knew about yours and Kagami's relationship, but wasn't able to give him an answer. Knowing that Kagami has what was his, Aomine didn't like it at all.

"Because you are mine. Remember, __(y/n), the only one who you belong me." He leaned in close, whispering into your ear and instantly made you shiver. You moved your head away from his, giving him a small glare in response to his slightly possessive behavior.

"Well, gotta go. See you later, __(y/n)." He walked away, springing his ball causally and not thinking much about yours and his short conversation. It was as if what he said wasn't a big deal and it was expected you follow his demands. You, too, walked away, thinking back on what Aomine said.

What did he even mean? Was he serious about keeping you to only himself? Or did he only say it to upset you? What was Kagami going to say?

Should you even say anything? You didn't want to ruin tonight's date, but you didn't like keeping things from him. Was it even necessary to mention it? You didn't want to rile him up for no reason.


Kagami went straight to the park's basketball courts to practice by himself. He was trying to contain his excitement for later. The red head started sprinting from the mid-court line, dribbling his ball carefully before jumping high and slamming it through the hoop. He lets out a proud smirk, finding that the timing and power were just right. Although he knew he could always improve, he was satisfied with his favorite move.

"What kind of pathetic dunk was that?"

Kagami ceases bouncing his ball, holding the round object with both his hands. He turns his head behind him, eyes enlarging slightly before narrowing his eyebrows,



[1] I LOVE THAT SHOW!! <33333 It is amazing!!

[2] Katekyo Hitman Reborn anyone? ;) Got this for Gokudera! When he was versing Bianchi.…

I thought it would fit well. Lol.
I really, REALLY rushed editing this so please let me know if there are any mistakes.

Not really too sure how I feel about this. :/


Anyway! Hope you liked my first Kagami X Reader X Aomine insert. Lol.
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