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Kaneki x Reader

'Where is she? I have to find her! I have to find her!' Multiple thoughts raced through Kaneki's mind, forcing his legs to run through the pain. After his fight with Amon, thinking of you was the only thing that kept him from turning into his kakuja form. The only one who kept him sane.

'Damnit! Damnit! Damnit! Why can't I run fast enough!? Why can't I pick up her scent? Where is she? Where is she!?'

Panic was shaking his entire body, making him lose his sense of direction and decision making. He knew he needed to calm down so that he could carefully track you, but he was losing patience. Kaneki needed to know if you were safe.

While running down a particular path, he could smell something familiar. His heart quivered at each inhalation, dashing further and quicker.

It was you.

It was your scent.

But something was off.

He was pleased yet something inside of him restrained his happiness. Another part of his mind was telling him he should be concerned. Because it was not only your fragrance that he picked up, but blood.

Kaneki spots a figure with a staggering gait ahead of him, identifying the individual as his girlfriend. He calls your name, making himself known as you cease your movements.


"__(y/n)!" His relieved expression does not stay as it's replaced by panic yet again. With your hand pressed against your abdomen, red liquid rapidly seeps in between your fingers. You had unknowingly left a trail, which Kaneki had followed.

"Ken! Oh, Ken, you're safe!" You then wince in pain, using the wall of a building for support. Your legs and hands were shaking, struggling to keep a straight posture. Kaneki sweeps you in his arms, the two of you slowly sliding down to sit on the floor.

"Y-you're hurt!" He adds pressure over your hand against your wound.

"Ken...V-14. Don't...d-don't go there." You had to warn him. The two of you separated when you met with Amon. Kaneki chose to fight while you tried to help Irimi and Koma escape.

"I-I-I'm sorry. Ken, I'm so sorry." You bit your quivering lip, bodies of your ghoul comrades flash in your mind, reminding you that they were no longer part of the living world.

"Irimi-san...Koma-san, they're gone. I...I couldn't save them."

"Shh...shh, it's okay. It's okay." He wanted you to converse your energy.

"But they're dead because I couldn't protect them."

"It's not your fault. You did your best. As long as you're safe, it's fine and I know that is what they wanted."

"Ken...?" You whisper his name, feeling yourself grow tired.


"I love you."

Normally his cheeks would flush and his chest would swell with elation, but the way you said those three words sounded as if they were your last.

"__(y/n), I love you, too. Let's go home, ne?"

As he attempted to stand, he felt his own wounds ache and reopen. Now that his adrenaline levels had lowered slightly, the pain was beginning to prick his body. Kaneki felt a hand brush against his cheek and his eyes stare down at your sad smile.

Without exchanging words, he knew what you were thinking. He pressed your hand against his face and his eyes film over with tears.


"'s ok-"

"No. Please, no. We're going home now, okay? So, everything will be fine."

Pain and anxiety froze his body as he held you closely, feeling your heart rate slow down.

"I, __(f/n), promise to love and cherish you in good times and in bad. In sickness and in health. I will love you and honor-"

"Wait, wait, __(y/n). What are you doing?"

"Marrying you before I..." It hurt to say it. It hurt to know that your final moments were coming true.

"No, __(y/n), you can't!"

"We made a promise, remember?" You pull out your necklace from under your top which had the promise ring Kaneki gave you.

"I remember. Of course I do and we're going to keep it until we're out of here. Once we're rested and healed, I'll do it properly. I swear it. We just have to go home and get some sleep." He continued to refuse, refuse, and refuse. Kaneki didn't want to believe it. He didn't want his only light in his dark, twisted world to fade away.

"Everything is all right, Ken."

"It's not! You're hurt and you're in pain! I should've gone with you instead! I shouldn't have let you go by yourself. We should've escaped together..." His tears were finally released from his bi colored eyes.

"I'm all right, Ken. Really, I am. I don't feel anything anymore. I'm happy. I'm in your arms. I'm in the arms of my first and only love. My sweet Kaneki, Ken." You hated to see him in so much distress.

"__(y/n)...." He choked your name, kissing your palm as he squeezed your hand slightly. "Just hold on, please. I love you, __(y/n). I love you."

Kaneki lifts your upper body closer to his, lightly kissing your lips. You weakly grabbed onto his shirt, pouring all your emotions into the kiss. When there was a small distance forming between your lips, you pushed his head towards yours just a little longer.

"I love you so much more." You whisper after you both finally pull away, nuzzling your face in his neck. Kaneki sobs loudly into your shoulder, feeling your grip loosen on him and no longer hearing the sound of your beating heart.

"No, __(y/n)! Don't leave me. Please, __(y/n). Please. Come back....come back. Don't go. You promised you'd never leave me alone."

Kaneki doesn't care how his loud wailings captures the attention of the CCG crowd, all equipped with their weapons. They watch with confusion and mixed emotions after witnessing the death of a young woman. The loss of a ghoul's lover was new to them, never having seen a "human" side to the monsters.

He lifts his head from your neck, watching patches of white kiss your skin and decorate your __(h/c) hair. He gently brushes the snow from your face, letting his fingers run through your hair. His tears continue to slide down his cheeks as he whispers your name and plead for your return. When he tried to gently shake you and received no response, your death rattles him once again. Kaneki voices his anguish and pain loudly, rocking you in his embrace.

His back and forth movement slows down when he smells a person with your scent. He turns his head behind him, eyeing a tall male with a hair color similar to his. The man's white coat is stained with spots of red and he sees your blood dripping down Arima's weapon.

Kaneki glared at your murderer, his kagune protruding from his back while veins erupt around his left eye. You weren't with him anymore. He couldn't sit and allow Arima to leave without some kind of pain.

He places a kiss on your forehead, gently laying you on the ground.

Kaneki isn't certain on what he wanted to do or what he was even doing, but he knew he had a low chance of escaping now. He lets himself loose, allowing his insane self take over. His kakuja form controls his every movement while the boy lets out a disturbed laugh.  

Kaneki feels nothing despite fighting the investigator with all of his energy. He doesn't react to any pain, not even when Arima's lance pierces through his eye. His back his met with something hard, cold, and wet, but is paralyzed with exhaustion and broken will.

He moves his hand towards where he thinks your body is, hoping to come in contact with you. He can't feel his body anymore, just a heavy sensation of falling endlessly.



He hears a soft humming and warmth wrap itself around him. He slowly opens his eyes, careful of the sun's bright rays. Kaneki blinks in confusion, noting that his entire surrounding has changed. There were no CCG members, bodies scattered on the ground, snow falling, or the sound of weapons and bullets clashing.

"Finally, sleepy head!" He gasps slightly at the familiar voice, tracing it down to his lap. There you were, causally laying your head on his legs while you were browsing through one of his books.

"Ne, you said you were only going to take a 5 minute nap but you took-"

"__(y/n)!" He forces you to sit up as he embraces you tightly. He says your name repeatedly and his emotions begin to spill again. "You're're alive...! I love you, __(y/n). I love you so much. I'm so sorry for letting you get hurt like that. I'm sorry."

"Ken, it's all right. Everything is okay now." you say gently. "I love you, Ken and I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere."

You smile sweetly after pulling away from his hug. You kissed the corners of his eyes, wiping his cheeks with your fingers. Kaneki places his own over yours, kissing your palm and he leans forward to rest his forehead against yours.

"I, Kaneki, Ken, promise to love and cherish you in good times and in bad. In sickness and in health. I will love yo-"

"Wait, wait, what are you doing?"

"I'm marrying you, just like I promised."

"Mouu, you said we were going to do it properly." You pouted cutely. "We don't even have our proper rings or the place for our ceremony. The guest list isn't even done and most importantly, I'm not in my dress!"

"You're right. I did promise. It's just..." You could tell he seemed slightly puzzled and you knew what was on his mind. You wrap your arms around his waist, nuzzling your nose against his.

"Hey, everything is all right now. We're going to be okay. We're safe now. I'm with you and you're with me."

"You're right. As long as we're together, that's all that matters." He holds you to his chest and he could feel you respond with a tight hug and a light peck on his shoulder. The burden from his sufferings and misery no longer crushed him, feeling himself breathe much easier than before.

Kaneki carefully lifts you by your waist and spins once before pressing his lips to yours. After earning a small giggle from his lover, he finally realizes that you two could love and be in each other's company in peace. After he sets you on your feet, his fingers fill the spaces between yours. He kisses the back of your hand lovingly and shared one more kiss before you both walk towards your happy ending.
First Kaneki x reader one-shot. :)
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